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Graphite Innovation and Technologies Ltd.

GIT est une société canadienne d'ingénierie des matériaux de premier plan, spécialisée en conception de nouveaux revêtements nautiques qui améliorent les performances de tous les types de navires. Nos produits offrent une solution unique au problème d'encrassement biologique marin qui se développe sous les navires et des lateaux. Nous planifions actuellement l'aménagement d'une installation de production pilote qui sera tout aussi innovante que le produit lui-même.

Nous recherchons des candidats partenaires souhaitant travailler avec nous à la mise au point et à la construction de cette installation de production.


Clean Valley Bio-filtration Technologies CIC

Le biomasque antiviral SeaWeave est un produit dont la propriété intellectuelle est développée par Clean Valley en collaboration avec les universités McMaster et Dalhousie. Le produit final est un équipement de protection individuelle capable de neutraliser la protéine de spicule de la COVID-19. Le composant antiviral a été conçu par Clean Valley pour s'intégrer à un tissu biodégradable.

Le masque, réutilisable ou jetable, est destiné à être jeté dans le bac vert de la municipalité.


Metafold Inc.

Metafold is a 3D printing startup that leverages mathematics to print complex geometries such as lattices, microstructures, and metamaterials (engineered materials).

The proposed project is a collaboration to unlock new manufacturing possibilities within 3D printing, such as vascularized tissues in life sciences, ultra-light lattice parts for aerospace applications, or new photosensitive material possibilities in metal and ceramic.


Solaires Entreprises Inc.

Solaires Entreprises Inc. is creating the next generation of solar cells based on innovative processes and sustainable materials. Solaires has developed a patent-pending Solar InkTM containing Perovskite materials. Perovskite solar cells are flexible, light, and provide a great range of applications with high energy efficiency. 

Solaires’ Perovskite solar cell manufacturing process is faster, less expensive, and cleaner compared to conventional silicon solar cell manufacturing. 

Solaires is in business for a cleaner world. 


Acuva Technologies Inc.

Their interest in participating in the NGen program is directed at finding a suitable partner with whom to marry their surface (and possibly air) disinfection capabilities and expertise with a company specializing in robotics and sensor technologies to jointly develop a disinfection device aimed at sanitizing public and private spaces such as airplanes, passenger cars, hospitals, medical offices, schools, retail locations, etc.


Interaptix Inc.

Interaptix Inc. has developed a SaaS-based remote inspection, remote assembly, remote audit, and remote training platform that leverages Augmented Reality (AR) to improve accuracy, eliminate travel, and enable expertise to be shared in real-time. The platform leverages both tablets and headsets to reduce the technological barrier to entry for manufacturers.

This project would validate the use of the platform in manufacturing settings, and quantifiably determine the savings obtained by leveraging the platform.

NGen Supercluster Funds Development of Supply Chain Crisis Management Platform


Aléo Canada

Aléo Canada is developing a digital twin that will allow simplified access to strategic plant information, remote monitoring, and maintenance, as well as a simulation for the installation of new machines or production lines.

The platform installed in the cloud is based on the IoT (Internet of Things) for data collection in the factoryartificial intelligence to drive decision making in real-time, and finally, 3D digital simulation to view and design the entire plant in its operation and development.



Linamar is currently developing a manufacturing process for producing braided carbon fiber Hstorage tanks. This process is unique both in product design and manufacturing methods.

Linamar does not have previous manufacturing experience in carbon fiber products and would like to develop robust Health, Safety, and Environmental practices.


EPIC Semiconductors

EPIC Semiconductors is looking to establish a partnership with an industrial manufacturer to develop and deploy a comprehensive blockchain secured, AI-supported production chain using its proprietary Smart Dust sensors (microscopic AI sensor chips) for Industry 4.0 solutions.


Mazlite Inc.

To deploy their industrial IoT sensor platform for direct imaging of sprays and powders in industrial spaces. Their sensor measures sprays and performs real-time analysis for QA/QC and preventative maintenance. The sensor images the nozzle and sprays and generates real-time analytics using machine vision and AI. Their sensor can add value to every stage of a spray process, including nozzle selection, process parameters selection, and in-situ real-time monitoring to reduce defects and waste.

This project would help validate the use of their technology and quantifiably determine the savings obtained by leveraging their platform in an industrial spraying application.


Mech Solutions Ltd.

Cloud 3D Print is a cloud-based software and hardware platform that links up 3D printing workspace and lets users manage the project workflow remotely. By using an IoT control panel, called the Cloud 3D Panel, users can connect multiple 3D printers and control and monitor them through the software platform. Features include 3D Printing online slicing, control and monitor, project management, online storage, and 3D printing reporting. 


Empower Operations

Many manufactures already collect production data, but rarely exploit it. This project aims to exploit existing manufacturing process data (additional data acquisition also possible). The data provided by the partner will be analysed and utilized in support of machine learning in order to improve the manufacturing process.


Cast Analytics

For a manufacturing process, via the use of; computational modeling, optimization & software tools:

Undertake development in a virtual environment (computational model)

Define key process parameters via AI-driven optimization.

Create custom software tools


Boardera Software Inc.

Boardera and its partners intend to create an online marketplace to provide a fair, open platform for electronic manufacturers and customers to connect and quickly turn designs into finished products.  This marketplace will utilize.

Boardera’s eManufacturing software to accurately capture the design intent and drastically reduce the time and cost required to bring a new PCB product to market.


AutoMetrics Manufacturing Technologies Inc.

This project leverages a tier 1 and 2 metallic structural component manufacturer’s process data and automated welding facility to elevate AutoMetrics’ machine learning-powered system for production-level deployment and to equip the manufacturer with the latest intelligent welding process monitoring technology capable of providing automated feedback and integration with closed-loop control systems.


CAST Group of Companies

To demonstrate tracking of employees, equipment, robots and carts exposed to hazardous areas, machinery and robotics in environments where humans and these factors interact on a daily basis. Ideal scenario would be multiple tiers of access to different areas. Using BlackTrax and some customized software we can provide the location (real-time and historical) to stop machinery, send alerts, or signals to managers as well as flag unauthorized access to areas where there are major safety and or security concerns.