About Boardera Software Inc:

    We are a Canadian software company enabling other Canadian companies to bring their electronic products to market faster, with fewer errors, and for less expense.

    We are significantly lowering the barrier to market for start-ups and at the same time allowing large companies to reduce their R&D expenses and time to market.

    All of this is accomplished by virtually manufacturing their product in Boardera’s webapp before the first prototype is built, which identifies problems not only with the design but also with the supply chain. Once all the issues are corrected the customer can simply 'add to cart' and receive their products.  www.Boardera.ca

    Project Objectives:

    • Launch a Canadian-based PCB/PCBA marketplace.

    • Increase Canadian Contract Manufacturer’s global competitiveness.

    • Remove barriers for hardware start-ups to get to market.

    • Simplify PCB/PCBA manufacturing processes


    What THEY bring to the table:

    • Contribution of background IP of webapp for PCB and PCBA intent capture.

    • Industry-leading software automation development team.

    • Extensive experience digitizing the electronics manufacturing process.

    • Project leadership, sales, marketing, and project management 

    What YOU will bring to the table:

    • Electronics Engineering to assess onboarding and ordering of PCB/PCBAs, contribute to requirements and overall user experience.

    • Manufacturing partner to test and provide input regarding manufacturing packages, patterns, and processes.

    If you are interested please complete the following form.