Project Objectives:

    • Demonstration of scalable manufacturing technique for Perovskite ink.
    • Demonstration of scalable printing or coating technology for large area Perovskite ink deposition.
    • Testing and improving the ink compatibility for the manufacturing process of Perovskite solar cells.
    • Establish long-term manufacturing collaborations and partnerships.

    What THEY bring to the table:

    • Providing R&D resources and technology and scientific support for the development of our Solar InkTM as well as the fabrication process of lab-scale solar cells will guide the fabrication process for large-scale solar cells.
    • Providing technical support and experience for large-scale printing and coating methods (Roll-to-Roll, Sheet-to-Sheet).
    • Providing knowledge and experience in creating new IP.
    • Providing commercialization strategy.

    What YOU will bring to the table:

    • Large quantity solution-processed Perovskite ink manufacturing and testing facilities.
    • Industry scale printing facilities (e.g. blade coating, slot die coating, inkjet printing) for fabricating and testing of Perovskite solar cells (Roll-to-Roll, Sheet-to-Sheet).
    • Testing and quality control facilities (e.g. ink rheology, stability vs. temperature and humidity).
    • Flexible electronics manufacturing expertise (e.g. displays, organic solar cells, wearable sensors).

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