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Welcome to NGen's Collaboration Corner. This new feature is available for member companies looking to connect with other companies for partnering opportunities in Canada's advanced manufacturing ecosystem.
Featured opportunity:
Project Description: An anonymous high-volume manufacturer is seeking an automation equipment vendor with experience in high precision robotic assembly for small components.
Looking for: Ideal partners who have implemented;
  • automated path adjustment/guided trajectories based on vision
  • or laser scan data
  • and will have worked on assembly tasks having minimal clearance, complex multi-axis manipulation and high positional accuracy requirements.

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Project Description: Dynamic scheduling for CNC production.
Complete integrated dynamic scheduling solution that includes optimal scheduling, GPS for the CNC machinist on the shop-floor (JITbase current product), and automatic rescheduling based on live production data.

  • Develop and deploy the complete solution
  • Prove productivity improvement and capability to face the machinist shortage
JITbase will provide:
  • Technology provider & software development
  • ArtificiaI intelligence, Operational Research
  • Big data
  • IIoT, CNC machine connectivity

Looking for:

  • Manufacturer with CNC production, CNC production expertise.


Project DescriptionTo implement national energy sustainability system. System will allow manufacturers to easily and inexpensively capture and analyse energy usage data, to allow them to determine where energy usage can be reduced.

To expose (in aggregate) manufacturers’ energy usage to their peers and the consuming public, to use peer pressure, public sentiment, and consumer buying behavior to incent reductions in energy usage.

Looking for:

Expertise in hybrid (edge/cloud) application architectures

Manufacturers (Class B and Class A electrical consumers) willing to participate in market research

Manufacturer (preferably of B2C products) to become Project Partner, to participate in the design of the solution and be the lead site


Sanofi Pasteur

Project Description: “Advanced Formulation”

Advanced Formulation is a biotech advancement pertaining to a digital transformation initiative at Sanofi Pasteur in Toronto, Canada. Currently, formulation production is a manual paper based process with limited digital capabilities. This development intends to modernize analytical techniques and equipment used in the formulation process by becoming a paperless, data driven & fully digital automated process.

Looking for:

  • New Generation of Equipment (Single Use)
  • Digital Solutions
  • Process Analytical Technologies 

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Tekna Plasma Systems

Project Description: Develop a new line of material for innovative applications in the additive manufacturing industry (AM).  This project covers the material life cycle from raw material to final part.

Looking for:

  • End User looking to implement unavailable material
  • Additive manufacturing company
  • Canadian Material Provider (mines, ingot manufacturer, etc)
  • Material Scientists for research and development

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Applus Canada

Project Description - Hybrid Digital Twin platform that combines end-to-end deep learning models, Finite Elements (FE) simulations, & Laser scanning to control manufacturing with minimal data.  For example, real time control of shape, geometry and tolerance of additive manufactured parts. Life cycle management and projection of service conditions for manufactured parts based on real time history of manufacturing and detection of the weakest point of performance.

Looking for:

  • Industrial partners that are looking for a Digital Twin Solution for complex manufacturing process and suffer from having no data. Preferably metallic component involving welding or metal deposition.
  • Computational infrastructure partner(s) for the implementation of DTs as a Service (DTaaS), i.e. cloud computing, data infrastructure, etc.
  • Smart sensor and data collection partners, i.e. laser scanners, lidar scanners, ultrasonic, etc.

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