A leading global provider in augmented reality training solutions, DeepSight is looking for an industrial partner for the deployment of a pilot project aimed at creating 3D instruction guides for learning complex manual tasks. DeepSight will lead an implementation phase of 4 weeks during which we will be training a creation champion overseeing the creation of content on the DeepSight Studio, and an operation champion overseeing the deployment of the content on the factory floor using the DeepSight Holo application on smart glasses and/or mobile devices. The industrial partner will be responsible to gather baseline data before the implementation, and performance data after the implementation, to validate the success of the project. The industrial partner will also have to provide feedback for necessary improvements to the DeepSight solution, and gather feedback from on-the-floor workers as well.



    As a provider of an alternative to fetal bovine serum (FBS) called YEX Serum, the company is looking at integrating hydraulics and new homogenization techniques into our production pipeline.  Our goal is to increase our production output capabilities.

    Verv Technolgies-logo

    Verv Technolgies

    Verv Technologies has solved the barrier to separating blood plasma from a few drops of whole blood.  Building upon this breakthrough, we have assembled a deep engineering, management and advisory team to finalize development and launch of the first affordable, high-quality blood analyzer with disposable test chips that will measure a wide range of analytes (i.e. cholesterol, glucose, vitamin levels, hormones) for home use.  

    This will transform access to blood testing and data trending for consumers, can provide future point of care opportunities for physicians and improve timely decision making in health strategy between physicians and patients.  

    Our goal is to secure a biochemistry assay development partner that can adapt currently developed assays to work on our device which utilizes Digital Microfluidics, dry chemistry and EC detection methods.

    Machinery Analytics

    Automotive Zero-Emissions Manufacturing Challenge Partner. We are developing a deep learning software that detects and predicts machinery failures for the cleantech and automotive industries. Our aim is to accelerate manufacturers’ go to market, decrease warranty costs, and improve efficiency. We are looking for a partner to conduct a research project, using our technology to improve their processes.



    We would like to develop a market-ready product that uses embedded fuzzy logic control. This product would preferably be a high energy consumer like home appliances, conventional or electric vehicles, battery chargers, furnaces, boilers, HVAC systems, power tools, etc.

    Calogy Solutions-logo

    Calogy Solutions

    An award winning startup with a novel technology for battery thermal management for electric vehicles, Calogy Solutions would like to develop a robotized manufacturing pilot line to build its Thermal Ground Plane (TGP) product. The fabrication process includes a metal joining technique currently not available in Canada and strategic for low-cost, high throughput production of TGPs. This new tool must be automated and integrated with the other processing steps. Specific challenges include process development with this new tool for high yield and throughput, along with the integration of compact robotic manipulators in a vacuum enclosure and advanced analytics for process monitoring.


    XSENSOR Technology Corp.

    Development of production process for high quality conductive (metalized) woven fabrics that are lightweight and durable


    Dimatec Inc.

    Dimatec Inc is developing a metal injection molding (MIM) process to manufacture the diamond impregnated products without defects. The MIM process will increases the strength and wear resistance property of the diamond drill bits and tools. It will also help to produce the defect-free parts.


    Maya HTT

    Maya HTT is an industry-leading software developer and engineering services provider of multi-physics simulation, computer-aided engineering (CAE), computer-aided design (CAD) and manufacturing (CAM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), IIoT integration and industrial AI applications.

    Over the last 40 years, Maya HTT has developed more than 35 engineering simulation products deployed on a platform used by more than seven million industrial experts worldwide. From 3D thermal and fluid dynamics analysis initially, Maya HTT grew to encompass many engineering specialties (structural & dynamics, thermal, flow, durability, MBSE, electromagnetic and others) for a wide range of industries.


    Graphite Innovation and Technologies Ltd.

    GIT is a leading Canadian materials engineering firm focused on the development of novel marine coatings which improve the performance of all types of vessels. Our products offer a unique approach to the problem of marine biofouling which grows on the bottom of ships and boats. We are now planning the development of a pilot production facility which will be just as innovative as the product itself.

    We are looking for partner candidates who are interested in working with us on the development and construction of this production facility.


    Clean Valley Bio-filtration Technologies CIC

    The SeaWeave antiviral biomask is a product that’s IP is being developed by Clean Valley in collaboration with McMaster University and Dalhousie University. The end product is personal protection equipment that is able to neutralize the spike protein of COVID-19. The antiviral component has been designed by Clean Valley to integrate with a biodegradable fabric.

    The mask as a reusable or disposable mask is intended to be thrown into the local Municipal Green Bin.


    Metafold Inc.

    Metafold is a 3D printing startup that leverages mathematics to print complex geometries such as lattices, microstructures, and metamaterials (engineered materials).

    The proposed project is a collaboration to unlock new manufacturing possibilities within 3D printing, such as vascularized tissues in life sciences, ultra-light lattice parts for aerospace applications, or new photosensitive material possibilities in metal and ceramic.


    Solaires Entreprises Inc.

    Solaires Entreprises Inc. is creating the next generation of solar cells based on innovative processes and sustainable materials. Solaires has developed a patent-pending Solar InkTM containing Perovskite materials. Perovskite solar cells are flexible, light, and provide a great range of applications with high energy efficiency. 

    Solaires’ Perovskite solar cell manufacturing process is faster, less expensive, and cleaner compared to conventional silicon solar cell manufacturing. 

    Solaires is in business for a cleaner world. 


    Interaptix Inc.

    Interaptix Inc. has developed a SaaS-based remote inspection, remote assembly, remote audit, and remote training platform that leverages Augmented Reality (AR) to improve accuracy, eliminate travel, and enable expertise to be shared in real-time. The platform leverages both tablets and headsets to reduce the technological barrier to entry for manufacturers.

    This project would validate the use of the platform in manufacturing settings, and quantifiably determine the savings obtained by leveraging the platform.

    NGen Funds Novel Additive Manufacturing Production System


    Mech Solutions Ltd.

    Cloud 3D Print is a cloud-based software and hardware platform that links up 3D printing workspace and lets users manage the project workflow remotely. By using an IoT control panel, called the Cloud 3D Panel, users can connect multiple 3D printers and control and monitor them through the software platform. Features include 3D Printing online slicing, control and monitor, project management, online storage, and 3D printing reporting. 



    Linamar is currently developing a manufacturing process for producing braided carbon fiber Hstorage tanks. This process is unique both in product design and manufacturing methods.

    Linamar does not have previous manufacturing experience in carbon fiber products and would like to develop robust Health, Safety, and Environmental practices.


    Empower Operations

    Many manufactures already collect production data, but rarely exploit it. This project aims to exploit existing manufacturing process data (additional data acquisition also possible). The data provided by the partner will be analysed and utilized in support of machine learning in order to improve the manufacturing process.


    Cast Analytics

    For a manufacturing process, via the use of; computational modeling, optimization & software tools:

    Undertake development in a virtual environment (computational model)

    Define key process parameters via AI-driven optimization.

    Create custom software tools


    AutoMetrics Manufacturing Technologies Inc.

    This project leverages a tier 1 and 2 metallic structural component manufacturer’s process data and automated welding facility to elevate AutoMetrics’ machine learning-powered system for production-level deployment and to equip the manufacturer with the latest intelligent welding process monitoring technology capable of providing automated feedback and integration with closed-loop control systems.


    CAST Group of Companies

    To demonstrate tracking of employees, equipment, robots and carts exposed to hazardous areas, machinery and robotics in environments where humans and these factors interact on a daily basis. Ideal scenario would be multiple tiers of access to different areas. Using BlackTrax and some customized software we can provide the location (real-time and historical) to stop machinery, send alerts, or signals to managers as well as flag unauthorized access to areas where there are major safety and or security concerns.