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Welcome to NGen's Collaboration Corner. This new feature is available for member companies looking to connect with other companies for partnering opportunities in Canada's advanced manufacturing ecosystem.

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Metafold Inc.
Project Description:

Metafold is a 3D printing startup that leverages mathematics to print complex geometries such as lattices, microstructures and metamaterials (engineered materials). The proposed project is a collaboration to unlock new manufacturing possibilities within 3D printing, such as vascularized tissues in life sciences, ultra-light lattice parts for aerospace applications, or new photosensitive material possibilities in metal and ceramic.

Explore new methodologies for creating metamaterials in reaction to application-specific needs, such as achieving high strength geometries with minimal material.
Explore procedural generation of vascular geometry and its implication for 3D printing living tissue.
Collaborate on material development for DLP based 3D printers, particularly in metal and ceramic.


Metafold will provide its patent-pending 3D printing technology, and expertise on its usage.

Metafold will work closely with potential partners to adapt our printing technology (geometry generation, build volume, and resolution/accuracy) for the intended application.

The Metafold founders bring substantial applied geometry expertise. They have over 20 combined years of experience as mathematical consultants in the architecture, engineering, and industrial manufacturing industries (see MESH Consultants:


They seek expertise in medical technologies and vascular geometries/ tissue printing

Alternatively they seek manufacturers with expertise in high precision manufacturing for the aerospace industry

Metafold is also keenly interested in partnering with a materials producer interested in developing and testing photosensitive resins in metals and ceramics.

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Solaires Entreprises Inc.
Project Description:

Solaires Entreprises Inc. is creating the next generation of solar cells based on innovative processes and sustainable materials. Solaires has developed a patent-pending Solar InkTM containing Perovskite materials. Perovskite solar cells are flexible, light, and provide a great range of applications with high energy efficiency. Solaires’ Perovskite solar cell manufacturing process is faster, less expensive, and cleaner compared to conventional Silicon solar cell manufacturing. Solaires is in business for a cleaner world. 


  • Demonstration of scalable manufacturing technique for Perovskite ink
  • Demonstration of scalable printing or coating technology for large area Perovskite ink deposition
  • Testing and improving the ink compatibility for the manufacturing process of Perovskite solar cells
  • Establish long-term manufacturing collaborations and partnerships


  • Providing R&D resources and technology and scientific support for the development of our Solar InkTM as well as the fabrication process of lab-scale solar cells which will guide the fabrication process for large-scale solar cells
  • Providing technical support and experience for large-scale printing and coating methods (Roll-to-Roll, Sheet-to-Sheet)
  • Providing knowledge and experience in creating new IP
  • Providing commercialization strategy


  • Large quantity solution-processed Perovskite ink manufacturing and testing facilities
  • Industry scale printing facilities (e.g. blade coating, slot die coating, inkjet printing) for fabricating and testing of Perovskite solar cells (Roll-to-Roll, Sheet-to-Sheet)
  • Testing and quality control facilities (e.g. ink rheology, stability vs. temperature and humidity)
  • Flexible electronics manufacturing expertise (e.g. displays, organic solar cells, wearable sensors)

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Acuva Technologies Inc.
Project Description:

Their interest in participating in the NGen program is directed at finding a suitable partner with whom to marry their surface (and possibly air) disinfection capabilities and expertise with a company specializing in robotics and sensor technologies to jointly develop a disinfection device aimed at sanitizing public and private spaces such as airplanes, passenger cars, hospitals, medical offices, schools, retail locations, etc.

About Acuva:

Started in 2014, Acuva is a world-leading designer and marketer of air, surface and water disinfection products and technologies. Initially formed under the “Hatch” incubator program at the University of British Columbia, Acuva still maintains strong ties with the university. Its Chief Technology Officer (and a co- founder) is Dr. Fariborz Taghipour, a recognized global expert in UV-LED disinfection technologies. Dr. Taghipour continues to split his time between serving UBC as a Professor of PhD candidate Chemical and Biological Engineers, as well as leading Acuva’s on-going R&D team and effort.

While prior to 2020, Acuva’s primary focus had been on developing and commercializing UV-LED based water disinfection products, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last Spring, it shifted some of that focus to developing a line of surface- and air-based disinfection products and technologies, including the recently launched Solarix UV-LED handheld disinfecting wand, as well as other products to be announced in 2021.

Project Objectives:

Make a meaningful contribution to Canada’s COVID-19 response effort
Leverage their extensive portfolio of patented technologies, together with expertise and R&D resources to accelerate the application of state-of-the-art technologies to address the global issue of sanitization of public spaces
To develop a viable business line for distribution through multiple market channels world-wide.

Their expertise and role in the project:

They would anticipate providing their patented disinfection technologies, R&D resources and produce development expertise to complement their partner’s capabilities.

Expertise they are seeking:

They are seeking a partner with extensive robotics, sensor and possibly AI expertise and capabilities

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Interaptix Inc.
Project Description:

Interaptix Inc. has developed a SaaS-based remote inspection, remote assembly, remote audit, and remote training platform that leverages Augmented Reality (AR) to improve accuracy, eliminate travel, and enable expertise to be shared in real time. The platform leverages both tablets and headsets to reduce technological barrier to entry for manufacturers.

This project would validate the use of the platform in manufacturing settings, and quantifiably determine the savings obtained by leveraging the platform.

Project Objective:

Demonstrate the value of remote expertise in Manufacturing.

Determine the viability of tablet-based Augmented Reality solutions as a means of accelerating AR adoption in manufacturing.

Assess usability of the platform in manufacturing setting based on expert feedback.

Calculate cost savings and Return on Investment for the platform.

Their expertise and role in the project:

Interaptix Inc. has been developing augmented reality solutions beginning in 2013. We know augmented reality and we know how to make it accessible, useable, and beneficial. We have experience deploying mixed reality solutions in the industrial workplace.

Interaptix will supply the SaaS platform, development, deployment strategy, and support for the user base.

Expertise they are seeking:

Manufacturing sites with a need to conduct remote training, remote maintenance, remote auditing, or remote assembly validation.

Manufacturers looking to adapt to COVID 19 restrictions around travel, distancing requirements in the workplace, and looking to reduce risk.

Individuals versed in best practices for industrial safety, environmental management, industrial training, quality assurance, or supply chain management.

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Aléo Canada
Project Description:

Aléo Canada is developing digital twin that will allow simplified access to strategic plant information, remote monitoring and maintenance, as well as simulation for the installation of new machines or production lines. The platform installed in the cloud is based on the IoT (Internet of Things) for data collection in the factory, artificial intelligence to drive decision making in real-time and finally 3D digital simulation to view and design the entire plant in its operation and development.

About Aleo:
Aléo is a consulting and engineering firm specializing in critical software and IT with several customers in Quebec and Ontario. We are a subsidiary of the Ellipse Ingénierie Group (France and Canada) with approximately 150 employees globally. Aleo Canada is now emerging as the new reference as an architect, specializing in critical systems. Our Montreal office offers a unique range of services: Engineering and Integration, Product Development, Software Development, High Technology Consulting, and Technical Assistance

Project Objectives:
Real-time monitoring, control, and simulation of a flexible manufacturing system to support economic recovery;
Develop the pipeline and infrastructures for cloud-based digital twin simulation with IoT and AI;
A new testbed for AI algorithms and closed-loop control;
Training of HQP (highly qualified people) in digital transformation, IoT, AI, and cloud services

Expertise they have:
Aleo has expertise in electrical engineering, IoT, and cloud services. Preliminary investigations and investment have successfully led to the development of a prototype system for real- time data visualisation of a domestic lightning device via IoT sensors and commercial cloud services (e.g., google cloud and Amazon AWS). The system has equipped Aleo fundamental knowledge of integrating IoT data and cloud-based tools as well as cross-platform interoperability. Dr. Alireza Mehrabian is the manager and R&D leader in Aleo and he is trained in the field of electronics and computer engineering with over 10 years of engineering simulation experiences in industry.

Expertise they are seeking:
looking for expertise in industrial process optimization. Industry partners  can join us for the implementation of first prototype. Ideally a manufacturing industry which focuses on high precision manufacturing like –aerospace and medical equipment. Partners with previous experience of implementing IoT sensors and Big data analytics will benefit from this projects prototype by taking a step towards Industry 4.0’s best platform.

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Project Description:

Linamar is currently developing a manufacturing process for producing braided carbon fibre H2 storage tanks. This process is unique both in product design and manufacturing methods. Linamar does not have previous manufacturing experience in carbon fibre products an would like to develop robust Health, Safety and Environmental practices.

Project Objectives:

  • Design and build a carbon fibre tank production line that incorporates best practice Health, Safety and Environmental practices to ensure a safe work environment for our employees and to minimize impact to the environment. Two areas of production required:
  • Carbon Fibre Braiding (source of airborne fibre particulates)
  • Epoxy Resin Impregnation (source of resin fumes)

Linamar Expertise in Project:

  • Large volume machining and assembly of automotive components, medical devices and consumer products

Expertise Linamar is looking for:

  • Safety provisions for manufacturing environment for processing carbon fibre with epoxy resin.
  • Focus on best PPE practices, safe handling of carbon fibre and epoxy resin/hardener, safe ventilation/filtration systems for airborne particulates an resin fumes.

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EPIC Semiconductors
Project description:

EPIC Semiconductors is looking to establish a partnership with an industrial manufacturer to develop and deploy a comprehensive blockchain secured, AI supported production chain using its proprietary Smart Dust sensors (microscopic AI sensor chips) for Industry 4.0 solutions.

To meet the growing need for connectivity, EPIC Semiconductors has developed microscopic Artificial Intelligence Chips that can Feel, Think and Learn.  

Industrial manufacturers with facilities that are interested in working with EPIC Semiconductor.

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Mazlite Inc.
Project description:

To deploy their industrial IoT sensor platform for direct imaging of sprays and powders in industrial spaces. Their sensor measures sprays and performs real-time analysis for QA/QC and preventative maintenance. The sensor images the nozzle and sprays and generates real-time analytics using machine vision and AI. Their sensor can add value to every stage of a spray process, including nozzle selection, process parameters selection, and in-situ real-time monitoring to reduce defects and waste. This project would help validate the use of their technology and quantifiably determine the savings obtained by leveraging their platform in an industrial spraying application.

About MazLite:
Mazlite offers an industrial optimization platform targeting sprays and powders in manufacturing. Mazlite’s cloud-based platform combines a unique Industrial IoT sensor for direct measurement, custom software with real-time analytics/AI, and an end-to-end cloud data management system. Mazlite provides a complete solution to improve spray processes in manufacturing.


  • Measure spraying performances in industrial manufacturing
  • Improve the AI models for specific applications in each industry
  • Calculate cost savings from waste reductions and improved performance
  • Explore new applications for our technology



Combined 50+ years research experience in sprays and atomization

Our equipment has been validated by major pharmaceutical and automotive paint companies

Utilise our sensor measure the sprays in industrial spraying and provide real-time feedback

Data acquisition and processing of all data from our sensor and all other performance data from the customer

Machine learning and AI algorithm development


A suitable partner would be interested in optimizing their complex spraying processes in industrial applications. They may be facing issues in nozzle selection, determining the optimal spray operating settings, or maintaining consistency in their spraying process in order to reduce waste and increase the quality of work. Alternatively, a suitable partner could be a company that works alongside another customer that has issues with their spray processes. In this case we could consider a joint partnership project.

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Mech Solutions Ltd.
Project description:

Cloud 3D Print is a cloud-based software and hardware platform that links up 3D printing workspace and lets users manage the project workflow remotely. By using an IoT control panel, called the Cloud 3D Panel, users can connect multiple 3D printers and control and monitor them through the software platform. Features include 3D Printing online slicing, control and monitor, project management, online storage, and 3D printing reporting. Cloud 3D Print is designed to make a leap forward in the ease of use and affordability of 3D printing by focusing on key issues; it reduces failed prints and shortens printing time, prompt if failures happen and creates a comprehensive management software.

About Mech Solutions

Mech Solutions Ltd is an Ontario-based 3D printing company, started in January 2017. It provides one time stop for all 3D printing needs. The service includes 3D printing retailing, 3D printing service, mechanical design, simulation, and 3D printing related software.

Since 3D printing technology is evolving very quickly due to rapid changes in the industry, innovation is key to remaining competitive and leading the industry. Our team consists of well trusted 3D printing professionals who have several years industry experience and are continuously being trained in the use of new technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT).

Our mission is to take 3D printing to the next level by introducing efficiencies in the 3D printing process by focusing on crucial issues revolving around additive manufacturing technology primarily in the Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printers. In addition to working on increasing 3D printer efficiencies, we are also working on making improvements to the 3D printing process so that it is accessible to more people through our Cloud 3D Print management software.

Development of a 3D printing management platform that integrates all major 3D printing procedure onto one platform, reducing printing costs, print errors and making the overall 3D print process more accessible.

Introduce efficiencies in 3D printing process through AI and deep learning to reduce costs of failed prints.

Establish Mech Solutions as a leader in 3D Printing technology innovation with the ultimate goal of manufacturing smart 3D printers.

They have developed a comprehensive 3D printing management system which includes online slicing, control, monitor, project management, storage, and failure detection.

They can also provide customizable 3D printing solutions based on their partner’s request.

Comprehensive R&D knowledge of 3D printing technology and software development with a team that has been working on this project for the last few years.

A company who is manufacturing 3D printers and will allow us to test our technology in collaboration with their software and hardware platforms. We are liking to collaborate with high end print manufacturers or companies having access to high end printers to test our software with.

Additionally, we are looking for a company that is also doing R&D work with any type of 3D printers (FDM, SLS, SLA etc.) and can offer new innovations that we can collaborate on together to make the 3D printing process more robust.

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Empower Operations
Project description:

Many manufactures already collect production data, but rarely exploit it. This project aims to exploit existing manufacturing process data (additional data acquisition also possible). The data provided by the partner will be analysed and utilized in support of machine learning in order to improve the manufacturing process.

About Empower Operations

Empower Operations is an AI algorithm company specializing in industry applications including product design, process improvement, and data management and analytics. Clients include a number of Fortune 500 companies.


Link defects to their causation

Determine appropriate thresholds for manufacturing parameters based on data (not engineers experience / guessing)

Improve product quality

Reduce/remove reliance on experience and trial-and-error methodologies

Create software tools for efficient future application of technologies


Machine learning and AI algorithms

Data acquisition and processing

Optimization algorithms

Software development


Manufactures in metals/plastics industries (e.g. casting, injection molding)

Preferably medium to high volume

Preferably with existing production data acquisition systems in place

Desire to improve one or more of: quality, yield, process control, process understanding (link defects to causation)

Ability to quantify improvement that the application of technology has yielded

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Cast Analytics
Project description:

For a manufacturing process, via the use of; computational modeling, optimization & software tools:

  • Undertake development in a virtual environment (computational model)
  • Define key process parameters via AI-driven optimization
  • Create custom software tools

About Cast Analytics

Cast Analytics is focused on improving manufacturing processes via the application of computational modeling tools and numerical optimization.  A strong emphasis is placed on understanding the fundamental physics of the  manufacturing process and validation against acquired high resolution production data sets.


Reduction in process development time and cost

Increase productivity

Improve product quality

Reduce/remove reliance on experience and trial and error methodologies

Create software tools for efficient future application of technologies


Developing validated computational models

Optimization and AI algorithms

Software development


Manufactures in metals/plastics industries (e.g. casting, injection molding)

Preferably medium to high volume

Desire to improve one or more of: quality, productivity, development process

CAE software tool providers

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Boardera Software Inc.
Project description:

Boardera and its partners intend to create an online marketplace to provide a fair, open platform for electronic manufacturers and customers to connect and quickly turn designs into finished products.  This marketplace will utilize Boardera’s eManufacturing software to accurately capture the design intent and drastically reduce the time and cost required to bring a new PCB product to market.

About Boardera Software Inc.

We are a Canadian software company enabling other Canadian companies to bring their electronic products to market faster, with fewer errors and for less expense.

We are significantly lowering the barrier to market for start-ups and at the same time allowing large companies to reduce their R&D expenses and time to market.

All of this is accomplished by virtually manufacturing their product in Boardera’s webapp before the first prototype is built, which identifies problems not only with the design but also with the supply chain. Once all the issues are corrected the customer can simply 'add to cart' and receive their products.


Launch a Canadian based PCB/PCBA marketplace

Increase Canadian Contract Manufacturer’s global competitiveness 

Remove barriers for hardware start-ups to get to market

Simplify PCB/PCBA manufacturing processes


Contribution of background IP of webapp for PCB and PCBA intent capture

Industry leading software automation development team

Extensive experience digitizing the electronics manufacturing process

Project leadership, sales, marketing and project management 


1.Electronics Engineering to assess onboarding and ordering of PCB/PCBAs, contribute to requirements and overall user experience.

2.Manufacturing partner to test and provide input regarding manufacturing packages, patterns and processes .

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Manufacturing Technologies Inc.
Project description:

This project leverages a tier 1 and 2 metallic structural component manufacturer’s process data and automated welding facility to elevate AutoMetrics’ machine learning-powered system for production-level deployment and to equip the manufacturer with the latest intelligent welding process monitoring technology capable of providing automated feedback and integration with closed-loop control systems.

About AutoMetrics

AutoMetrics is an industrial automation startup company focused on development and commercialization of automated and responsive process monitoring systems primarily for robotic welding industry. The company is committed to deploying advanced technologies to give machines the intelligence to understand welding and quality!
Our team has an excellent track record in developing enterprise-level machine-learning powered software solutions with expertise in modern manufacturing technologies, robotics, artificial intelligence, software development, and hardware design.
At AutoMetrics, our product design, and development is aligned with three key features: remote monitoring, modular integration, and robust performance.

Project objectives:

Deploy real-time monitoring system in a large-scale operation platform

Aggregate data for further development, via field-tests and existing data

Pilot finalized welding monitoring system with automated feedback module

Validation tests as required for launching a seamless-integrable system

Their expertise and role in the project:
AutoMetrics will incorporate their monitoring system featuring camera, electrical, and positional sensors. This includes process deviation detection components that are tested for accuracy and real-time performance. They look to aggregate data for validation, performance improvement, and development of the automated feedback module. Their system is modular and will monitor ongoing operations without interruption.
They will base the deployment in operation lines on our in-house developed user interface and systematically work with partners to customize to their operation. They are open to discuss exclusive software/user-interface customizations given the scope of the partnership.

Expertise required:
They are looking for tier 1 and 2 manufacturers with expertise in metallic structures with mission-critical weldment. The manufacturer has strict weld quality requirements and facilities including multiple robots, welding machines, and ideally vision and control systems.

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CAST Group of Companies
Project description:

To demonstrate tracking of employees, equipment, robots and carts exposed to hazardous areas, machinery and robotics in environments where humans and these factors interact on a daily basis. Ideal scenario would be multiple tiers of access to different areas. Using BlackTrax and some customized software we can provide the location (real-time and historical) to stop machinery, send alerts, or signals to managers as well as flag unauthorized access to areas where there are major safety and or security concerns.

About CAST:

At CAST, we value developing products that allow people to be more innovative and daring by realizing efficiencies through our technology. Our mission is to design products that are robust, practical, and adaptable. We believe that our products should interconnect with all the significant entertainment hardware available from various manufacturers.

CAST has over 25 years of experience in innovation development and fostering new ideas in technology and innovation. Starting with our CAD based lighting visualization software WYSIWYG we changed an entire industry, how they operate and turned a large energy consumption endeavor such as pre-viz for a live event and turned it green through digitalization.

CAST is proud to be a wholly Canadian owned company that has thrived on innovation and automation through its product offerings. We come to the table with a worldwide network of partners and distributors.

Project objectives:
Provide Historical and Real-Time location information via BlackTrax

Create series of alerts, flags and actions based on the movement of people

Intermediary software to layout floor plans, create zones, triggers and logging.

Partnership with experiences Manufacturing and warehousing company

Their expertise and role in the project:
We have an already tested and seasoned tracking system of 10 years +. Our Real-time tracking used in the live entertainment, broadcast industry and custom interactions deployments through the employ of lighting, robotics, media and more is used worldwide

Using our open sourced protocol we are able to connect to many and any systems simultaneously delivering sub-millimeter accuracy in X,Y,Z, Yaw, Pitch, Roll. We employ a fully aided tracking system through employing Visual based data, IMU and algorithmic data.

Depending on resources and funding we would be able to create the necessary interaction software and link it with our BlackTrax Tracking System as well as our WYSIWYG Visualization software.

Expertise required:
Manufacturing integration and infrastructure partners.

Robotics and Factory/warehouse/manufacturing partners.

Automation in Manufacturing and warehousing experts and influencers

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