Project Objectives:

    • Demonstrate the value of remote expertise in Manufacturing.
    • Determine the viability of tablet-based Augmented Reality solutions as a means of accelerating AR adoption in manufacturing.

    • Assess usability of the platform in a manufacturing setting based on expert feedback.

    • Calculate cost savings and Return on Investment for the platform.


    What THEY bring to the table:

    • Interaptix Inc. has been developing augmented reality solutions beginning in 2013. We know augmented reality and we know how to make it accessible, useable, and beneficial.

    • We have experience deploying mixed reality solutions in the industrial workplace.

    • Interaptix will supply the SaaS platform, development, deployment strategy, and support for the user base.

    What YOU will bring to the table:

    • Manufacturing sites with a need to conduct remote training, remote maintenance, remote auditing, or remote assembly validation.

    • Manufacturers looking to adapt to COVID 19 restrictions around travel, distancing requirements in the workplace, and looking to reduce risk.

    • Individuals versed in best practices for industrial safety, environmental management, industrial training, quality assurance, or supply chain management.

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