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About CAST:

At CAST, we value developing products that allow people to be more innovative and daring by realizing efficiencies through our technology. Our mission is to design products that are robust, practical, and adaptable. We believe that our products should interconnect with all the significant entertainment hardware available from various manufacturers.

CAST has over 25 years of experience in innovation development and fostering new ideas in technology and innovation. Starting with our CAD-based lighting visualization software WYSIWYG we changed an entire industry, how they operate and turned a large energy consumption endeavor such as pre-viz for a live event and turned it green through digitalization.

CAST is proud to be a wholly Canadian-owned company that has thrived on innovation and automation through its product offerings. We come to the table with a worldwide network of partners and distributors.

Project Objectives:

  • Provide Historical and Real-Time location information via BlackTrax.

  • Create series of alerts, flags, and actions based on the movement of people.

  • Intermediary software to layout floor plans, create zones, triggers, and logging.

  • Partnership with experienced Manufacturing and warehousing company


What THEY bring to the table:

  • We have an already tested and seasoned tracking system of 10 years +. Our Real-time tracking used in the live entertainment, broadcast industry, and custom interactions deployments through the employ of lighting, robotics, media, and more are used worldwide.

  • Using our open-sourced protocol we are able to connect to many and any systems simultaneously delivering sub-millimeter accuracy in X, Y, Z, Yaw, Pitch, Roll. We employ a fully aided tracking system by employing Visual based data, IMU, and algorithmic data.

  • Depending on resources and funding we would be able to create the necessary interaction software and link it with our BlackTrax Tracking System as well as our WYSIWYG Visualization software.

What YOU will bring to the table:

  • Manufacturing integration and infrastructure partners.

  • Robotics and Factory/warehouse/manufacturing partners.

  • Automation in Manufacturing and warehousing experts and influencers

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