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About Mazlite:

Mazlite offers an industrial optimization platform targeting sprays and powders in manufacturing. Mazlite’s cloud-based platform combines a unique Industrial IoT sensor for direct measurement, custom software with real-time analytics/AI, and an end-to-end cloud data management system. Mazlite provides a complete solution to improve spray processes in manufacturing.

Project Objectives:

  • Measure spraying performances in industrial manufacturinMeasure spraying performances in industrial manufacturing
  • Improve the AI models for specific applications in each industry
  • Calculate cost savings from waste reductions and improved performance
  • Explore new applications for our technology

What THEY bring to the table:

  • Combined 50+ years research experience in sprays and atomization
  • Our equipment has been validated by major pharmaceutical and automotive paint companies
  • Utilise our sensor measure the sprays in industrial spraying and provide real-time feedback
  • Data acquisition and processing of all data from our sensor and all other performance data from the customer
  • Machine learning and AI algorithm development

What YOU will bring to the table:

A suitable partner would be interested in optimizing their complex spraying processes in industrial applications. They may be facing issues in nozzle selection, determining the optimal spray operating settings, or maintaining consistency in their spraying process in order to reduce waste and increase the quality of work. Alternatively, a suitable partner could be a company that works alongside another customer that has issues with their spray processes. In this case, we can consider a joint partnership project.

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