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About AutoMetrics:

AutoMetrics is an industrial automation startup company focused on the development and commercialization of automated and responsive process monitoring systems primarily for the robotic welding industry. The company is committed to deploying advanced technologies to give machines the intelligence to understand welding and quality!

Our team has an excellent track record in developing enterprise-level machine-learning powered software solutions with expertise in modern manufacturing technologies, robotics, artificial intelligence, software development, and hardware design.

At AutoMetrics, our product design, and development is aligned with three key features: remote monitoring, modular integration, and robust performance.

Project Objectives:

  • Deploy real-time monitoring system in a large-scale operation platform.

  • Aggregate data for further development, via field tests and existing data.

  • Pilot finalized welding monitoring system with automated feedback module.

  • Validation tests as required for launching a seamless-integrable system


What THEY bring to the table:

  • AutoMetrics will incorporate their monitoring system featuring a camera, electrical, and positional sensors. This includes process deviation detection components that are tested for accuracy and real-time performance. They look to aggregate data for validation, performance improvement, and development of the automated feedback module. Their system is modular and will monitor ongoing operations without interruption.
  • They will base the deployment in operation lines on our in-house developed user interface and systematically work with partners to customize their operation. They are open to discuss exclusive software/user-interface customizations given the scope of the partnership.

What YOU will bring to the table:

  • They are looking for tier 1 and 2 manufacturers with expertise in metallic structures with mission-critical weldment.
  • The manufacturer has strict weld quality requirements and facilities including multiple robots, welding machines, and ideally vision and control systems.

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