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About Acuva:

Started in 2014, Acuva is a world-leading designer and marketer of air, surface, and water disinfection products and technologies. Initially formed under the “Hatch” incubator program at the University of British Columbia, Acuva still maintains strong ties with the university. Its Chief Technology Officer (and a co-founder) is Dr. Fariborz Taghipour, a recognized global expert in UV-LED disinfection technologies. Dr. Taghipour continues to split his time between serving UBC as a Professor of Ph.D. candidate Chemical and Biological Engineers, as well as leading Acuva’s ongoing R&D team and effort.

While prior to 2020, Acuva’s primary focus had been on developing and commercializing UV-LED based water disinfection products, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic last Spring, it shifted some of that focus to developing a line of surface- and air-based disinfection products and technologies, including the recently launched Solarix UV-LED handheld disinfecting wand, as well as other products to be announced in 2021.

Project Objectives:

  • Make a meaningful contribution to Canada’s COVID-19 response effort.
  • Leverage their extensive portfolio of patented technologies, together with expertise and R&D resources to accelerate the application of state-of-the-art technologies to address the global issue of sanitization of public spaces.
  • To develop a viable business line for distribution through multiple market channels worldwide.


What THEY bring to the table:

  • They would anticipate providing their patented disinfection technologies, R&D resources, and produce development expertise to complement their partner’s capabilities.

What YOU will bring to the table:

  • They are seeking a partner with extensive robotics, sensor, and possibly AI expertise and capabilities.

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