About Clean Valley:

    Clean Valley Bio-filtration Technologies CIC is dedicated to cleaning water and air for our communities. Through the process of biomimicry, bio-utilization, and innovation our purpose is to create cost-effective nature-based efficient technology that cleans water and air. Clean Valley CIC is inspired by iterative innovation with ingenuity evolving from eons ago to design solutions to industry problems today.

    Project Objectives:

    • Collaborate with an Ontario PPE Manufacturer to develop a SeaWeave Manufacturing line capable to meet the global demand for both an antiviral reusable and disposable mask.
    • The reusable mask line with being the first to be developed and be supplied to the public market.
    • The disposable mask will be developed in collaboration with our PHA supplier and researchers at McMaster University and consultants at Valley Environmental Services.
    • Expand the efficacy data regarding the antiviral solutions' ability to combat other viral pathogens for example the common flu.

    What THEY bring to the table:

    • Microbiology
    • Chemical Engineering
    • Biogarmentry
    • Product Commercialization

    What YOU will bring to the table:

    • Manufacturing

    • Product Line Engineering

    • Distribution

    • Licensed Medical Equipment Manufacturer and Distributor

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