Project Objectives:

    • Explore new methodologies for creating metamaterials in reaction to application-specific needs, such as achieving high strength geometries with minimal material.

    • Explore procedural generation of vascular geometry and its implication for 3D printing living tissue.

    • Collaborate on material development for DLP-based 3D printers, particularly in metal and ceramic.

    What THEY bring to the table:

    • Metafold will provide its patent-pending 3D printing technology and expertise on its usage.

    • Metafold will work closely with potential partners to adapt our printing technology (geometry generation, build volume, and resolution/accuracy) for the intended application.

    • The Metafold founders bring substantial applied geometry expertise. They have over 20 combined years of experience as mathematical consultants in the architecture, engineering, and industrial manufacturing industries (see MESH Consultants:

    What YOU will bring to the table:

    • They seek expertise in medical technologies and vascular geometries/tissue printing.

    • Alternatively, they seek manufacturers with expertise in high precision manufacturing for the aerospace industry.

    • Metafold is also keenly interested in partnering with a materials producer interested in developing and testing photosensitive resins in metals and ceramics.

    If you are interested please complete the following form.