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NGen Supercluster Funds Development of Supply Chain Crisis Management Platform


3DQue Systems Inc.

3DQue was established in November 2018 to automate 3D printers and print farms. It’s Quinly™ platform is now on fdm printer farms in over 20 countries and has autonomously delivered more than 3 million prints since being launched in October 2020. 3DQue automates the most time consuming jobs in production. 3DQue has developed an AI-driven vision system to watch for print failures from first layer through to layer shift, underextrusion, warping, and more.

AutoMetrics Manufacturing Technologies Inc.

AutoMetrics is an industrial AI company focused on intelligent process monitoring and feedback; enabling unique applications through innovative use of AI, advanced data transmission, and processing technologies.​ Our system, Inspection 4.0 is support for industrial welding for real-time quality signal extraction and monitoring. AutoMetrics develops scalable and practical industrial AI solutions backed by our team’s diverse expertise in advanced manufacturing, AI, and software.


Edgecom Energy

Edgecom Energy reduces energy costs and emissions for large energy users by helping decision makers understand, improve and control how they consume energy, water, and natural gas. We are focused on delivering software-based solutions that make energy management accessible, scalable and cost effective.​ We are currently working with 75 enterprise customers across Ontario. About 80% of our customers are manufacturing facilities and include the likes of 3M Canada, Dr. Oetker, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.​


Exergy Solutions

Exergy solutions specializes in agile engineering to bring ideas into reality through in-house additive manufacturing capabilities. We will soon receive the world’s first Wayland Calibur3 electron beam printer; it combines unique technologies and an open architecture that will allow us to develop highly wear resistant materials, and process specialty metals.


Machinery Analytics

Our goal is to help manufacturers tackle the complexity of their products, accelerate development, and improve quality through our cloud-based software platform which analyzes time-series and image data to automate failure detection. We provide value to manufacturers across product development, from R&D to operations.


Enersion Inc.

Enersion has developed a new on-site energy solution that converts solar radiation to refrigerant free cooling, heating and electricity simultaneously with 4 times the energy output as compared to solar PV panels used today. This is produced using Enersion’s novel nano-porous material-based cooling technology that uses heat as an energy input and no synthetic refrigerant. This technology is integrated with hybrid solar panels that produce both electricity and heat. ​



Basetwo is a venture-backed AI company that provides manufacturers with a no-code data analytics platform that enables engineering teams to rapidly build, validate, and operationalize prescriptive digital twins of their unit operations using AI to improve final product quality and profitability.



Contextere transforms the future of work using AI to deliver actionable intelligence to the last tactical mile, empowering your workforce and improving asset performance. ​Our AI insight engine extracts and curates previously inaccessible data, providing new insights for last mile analytics and AI-enabled work instructions for frontline workers.​


DaoAI Robotics Inc.

DaoAI Robotics was founded in 2015 in Vancouver, BC. Our mission is to apply the latest in AI and 3D Vision technology to increase the adoption rate of automation in industrial processes. ​we have successfully deployed our vision guided bin picking system for many leading manufacturers like Brose, Adient, and Siemens. To date, we have installed over 50 systems. ​DaoAI’s vision guided bin picking system is more robust, easy to use and easily integrated into current mass or on-demand production pipelines.


Global DWS

GlobalDWS is a leading international systems integrator and provider of cognitive services and innovative technologies, including AI, IoT, and Service Robotics, to empower modern and smart workplaces.​ Our team of engineers, AI experts, data scientists, designers, developers, and innovators are leading subject matter experts in robotic platform integration, service robot implementation, smart workplace and innovative business technologies.​


Laplace Robotics

Laplace Robotics is an automation startup that uses a combination of robotics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence to automate tasks in the secondary food processing industry.​ Our product Laplace One is capable of material handling directly on a live conveyor without any modification to your plant or specialized lighting. With its built-in vision capabilities, Laplace One is able to identify individual products, handle different product types accordingly, and reject any items that does not meet a given standard. We are able handle large variations that typically exists in food manufacturing environments.


Mosaic Manufacturing Ltd.

Mosaic is a leader in 3D printing technology with 15,000+ products shipped worldwide and a portfolio of advanced hardware, software, materials, and IP.Mosaic is disrupting conventional supply chains with enhanced digital manufacturing alternatives. Mosaic’s goal is to bring 3D printing to the factory floor to usher in the next generation of on demand, local manufacturing.



i-5O helps manufacturers elevate human performance in production operations using AI powered computer vision.​ Manufacturers deploy i-5O’s computer vision system to continuously monitor the interactions between man, machine, and material in production operations to increase production output and quality.​ We are ISO 27001 certified and have global experience serving manufacturers in Canada, USA, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Poland.


Pleora Technologies

Pleora’s machine vision interface products are designed into 1000s of high-reliability systems for industrial automation, security and medical applications. We’re now applying our expertise in sensor interfaces and real-time video in new AI powered inspection systems. Our solutions simplify AI deployment for automated and manual inspection to help manufacturers reduce quality inspection errors that increase costs and damage brand reputation.


Quartic AI

Quartic.ai provides an AI platform and specific applications for the process manufacturing industry. The platform can be used by process subject matter experts without extensive data science knowledge. ​Quartic has created specific algorithms that overcome two key AI challenges for manufacturing: a) lack of large amounts of historical data; b) lack of past “labelled” data.​ Quartic is providing “last mile AI”. Predictions and forecasting don’t provide enough business value. Quartic’s applications focus on optimizing an objective rather than simply predict it. This helps process manufacturers to deal with variability and be more resilient and agile.​ Quartic also provides an end-to-end RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance) application that provides risk-based maintenance decision and increases availability​.


Sanctuary AI

Sanctuary is on a mission to create the world’s first human-like intelligence in general-purpose robots that will help us all work more safely, efficiently, and sustainably.


Xiera Technologies

Xiera is the home of the first auto-tuner for fuzzy logic control. Fuzzy logic control has been shown to be up to 35% more efficient than most controllers used in both embedded and process control applications. Furthermore, it can reduce wastage, increase yields, smoothen equipment operation and improve product quality through more precise control. Xiera has successfully developed fuzzy controllers for both 2 x 2 and 3 x 3 multivariable interactive systems using, edeX. edeX is a complete fuzzy logic development platform that can model, design, auto-tune, and test fuzzy logic controllers. Xiera has also developed a hardware prototype, gdeX, for easy integration in process control applications. By working with Xiera, manufacturers and system integrators can develop fuzzy controllers for their applications with ease.


Mazlite Inc.

The automotive paint shop is the biggest source of regulated chemicals including GHG/VOC emissions; over 80% of all environmental concerns in automobile assembly are related to painting processes. Mazlite offers an industrial spray digitization platform. Mazlite’s platform combines a unique Industrial IoT sensor for direct measurement, software analytics, physics-based AI, and an end-to-end cloud data management system. Mazlite provides a complete solution to improve spray processes to enable manufacturers to to solve product quality issues, improve sustainability, minimize material and energy waste, reduce re-works and boost profitability.


Huys Industries Ltd.

Huys designs, builds, uses, sells and supports proprietary and patented equipment that can weld coatings, modify surfaces, and repair metal components with ESD (electric-spark deposition) that have superior wear, corrosion, strength and fatigue properties without creating a HAZ. At the same time the process is "green", is relatively inexpensive, uses little electricity and no or limited shielding gases, has no or little waste or discarded gases or splatter, is easy to use and is readily portable.


Enertics Inc.

Enertics Inc., a Milton based technology company, leveraging multi-variate advanced sensing and AI based data analytics techniques, provides a Patent pending online monitoring, diagnostics, and predictive analytics system for electrical machines, such as electric motors, distribution transformers, generators, etc. The core objective of our technology is to help our customers maximize the asset & process uptime, while minimizing the financial losses and associated environmental impacts of unexpected failures, and ultimately extending the life of their critical equipment assets. The key value proposition of our solutions is not only to extend the useful life of electrical assets by preventing unexpected failures, but also minimize the harmful environmental impacts by minimizing the transformer oil spills and the GHG emissions from the maintenance truck rolls. Our current solution leverages IOT and ML technologies and we are looking to integrate AI to provide further value to our customers for energy efficiency and GHG impacts thereof.


Maya HTT Ltd.

With 20 years of experience building practical, effective solutions, Remi now plays a key role in heading Maya HTT's industrial IoT and AI business. He is sought-after with dozens of successful industrial AI/ML/simulation projects his team delivered. From his achievement as a young short-track speed skating champion, to his instrumental contributions to successful industrial AI-operations deployments, to the structural design and analysis of five spacecraft currently in orbit, to creating a 3D digital twin of a Mars rover, and his pivotal contributions to the commercialization of 5 software solutions, when it comes to "mission-critical", Remi is an asset to all Maya HTT clients.


iSAC Systems Inc.

Intelligent Sensors, Actuators and Control Systems (iSAC Systems Inc.) has established a foothold in a niche technology market for Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence since 2010 (www.isacsystems.com). iSAC Systems provides smart solutions for increasing productivity and profitability of systems or processes based on their cutting-edge proprietary artificial intelligence and digital twin powered product, 2PCube. It comprises real-time data storage, real-time data analytics, and real-time data messaging. It can interface with the existing SAP, Microsoft and other software being used in manufacturing. Its application will lead to smart job scheduling, smart tools, smart machines and processes. iSAC Systems' products have been used by several industries in Canada and globally.


Inertia Product Development

Inertia is a trusted collaborator for start-ups and innovative companies who need an expert to help them research, design, engineer, manufacture, and launch their new product ideas.


Thales Canada, Defence and Security, Optronics

We are a Defence Equipment manufacturer specialized in electro-optic (i.e thermal imagers) solutions for the land forces.


Aurel Systems Inc.

Aurel Systems Inc. has been developing dynamic process simulation software since its establishment in 1977.


Psygen Labs Inc.

Psygen is a leading manufacturer of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) for psychedelic drug manufacturing. We envision a world where psychedelic medicines are recognized as valuable tools for mental health and wellness.


We are a manufacturer of bespoke architectural glass.

Adputer Inc.

Adputer Inc. is an innovative AI and 3D model designer. Its creative manifold materials can be applied to various fields such as clean energy, photonics, and healthcare. Its AI models can be applied to solve optimization problems and regression problems.