Building world-leading
advanced manufacturing
in Canada


Supercluster projects must be:


involving the development of technological capabilities with the potential to confer a significant global competitive advantage to Canadian industry


supporting later stage technology and manufacturing readiness with potential to generate significant long-term commercial and economic benefits, including jobs
maintained and created


attracting the participation of industry partners, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)


leaving a legacy in skills development, tools, testbeds, intellectual property, business knowledge for Canada’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem


Projects $1M - $20M

Supercluster funding will help companies develop manufacturing-related technologies and bring them to market. Learn more

Capacity Building Projects

Pilot Projects $100K - $500K

You are a two or more SMEs with a great NGen project idea, but you don’t yet have the data, resources, or partners to prepare a project proposal. Learn more

Feasibility Study $50K - $200K

You are an SME with an advanced technology that you have prototyped and need to develop a production version or scale-up to full rate production. Learn more


Cluster Building $75K - $150K

You are a group of SMEs in geographical proximity and recognize that forming a mini-cluster offers benefits for business growth. Learn more