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Background &
Guidance Documents

The M4M3 program will lead to next-generation innovations that help tackle the challenges of establishing a permanent human presence on the Moon, leveraging Canada’s strengths in fields like Artificial Intelligence, robotics, quantum sensing, and additive manufacturing that can then be re-applied back on earth. These innovations will have direct and positive impacts on environmental sustainability, productivity, talent and job creation in Canada’s mining, energy, and advanced manufacturing sectors.  

To learn more about this opportunity, read the report from NGen and the Canadian Space Mining Corporation: In Situ Resource Utilization: A Generational Opportunity for Canadians. 

This initiative is undertaken with the financial support of the CSA, following an Announcement of opportunity. 

Project Requirements   
Projects must focus on the development of an advanced manufacturing technology or process to improve ISRU.  

Project teams can submit a proposal for the following project types:   

  • Novel mining processes that would promote ISRU  
  • Processing, refinement, and production of critical minerals inan ISRU context. 
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies for ISRU 

Eligible projects must meet NGen's four core strategic criteria:  

  • Transformative: must confer significant competitive advantage to Canadian industry 
  • Collaborative: project must demonstrate meaningful collaboration with a minimum of two Canadian industry partners  
  • Applied: project must have a short to medium path to commercialization, and generate significant commercial and economic benefits   
  • Enduring: project must provide broader benefits to Canada’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem 

Eligibility Requirements  

Please refer to Application Guide for detailed Eligibility Requirements  (coming soon).

Key Dates & Deadlines

Program launch : November 7th 2023
Project Development: November 2023 – January 2024

First Round of Application
Expression of Interest: January 11th 2024
Financial Due Diligence: January 16th 2024
Final Application: January 18th 2024 5PM EST

Second Round of Application (if funding remains)
Expression of Interest: February 15th 2024  5PM EST
Financial Due Diligence: February 16th 2024
Final Application: February 22nd 2024  5PM EST

Contact us at m4m@ngen.ca 

Application Guide

Financial Guide

Press Release


Program Development & Overview Video

Application Process Presentation

Application Process Video

Member Registration and Login Guide

Guide to Submitting a Project for Screening

IP Guidance Video

IP Guidance Presentation


Download the following template documents to support your project application.

Application Agreement

SME Declaration

Post-Funding Award

Collaboration Agreement Template

Case Studies

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