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StarFish Medical



  • Diverse, non-traditional suppliers and
    manufacturers across Canada.

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Partnering with non-traditional suppliers across Canada

Supported with funding form NGen's Covid-19 Rapid Response Challenge, the project team stepped up to deliver critical products to front line health care workers within three months.


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NGen project funding

Non-traditional ventilator design

The project team worked tirelessly to knit a non-traditional supply chain adapted for medical devices.

The result of their efforts was a new ventilator based on an existing design by Dr. Magdy Younes. The Winnipeg Ventilator was updated to incorporate technological advances - even using non-medical components which were in short supply at the time of manufacturing.

The Winnipeg Ventilator

Canadian Emergency Ventilators (led by Starfish Medical) produced the “Winnipeg Ventilator” in order to meet the increased demand for ventilators caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The new ventilator is a redesign and re-certification of a previously approved ventilator with Health Canada and is suitable for large-scale manufacturing and useThe new design was adapted for Canadian manufacturing supply chains that are not normally affiliated with ventilator production, enabling Canada to expand and redirect domestic manufacturing capacity to fight COVID-19 at a time when it was most critically needed.

The project saw the production of 10,000 ventilators within 12 weeks, and the core technology has been certified by Health Canada and licensed and cleared for use by the FDA in the U.S.