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Advanced Intelligent Systems


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Our Disinfection Robot Solutions Create Safer Worlplaces

NGen’s Disinfection Robot Challenge was designed to address the needs for disinfection during the Covid-19 pandemic, making it safer for medical facilities and businesses to reopen.


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NGen Builds New Ecosystems

The development of these new capabilities in Canada will spark an entirely new ecosystem around advanced robotic disinfection, creating new capabilities, jobs, and knowledge while anchoring them in Canada.

The project will develop new IP, integrating UV-C disinfection with advanced robotics. UV-C ultraviolet light can destroy bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microbes in 10-20 minutes.

These technologies will be a valuable resource in helping hospitals, long term care homes and healthcare workers to effectively manage resources during and after the pandemic.

Autonomous Disinfection Robots

Advanced Intelligence Systems developed a robot capable of mapping large-scale environments, navigating to interest points, and performing hands-free UV disinfection without requiring human intervention. This minimizes the exposure of cleaning staff to high-risk areas and will significantly increase the efficacy of the disinfecting procedure by eliminating human errors, enabling users to generate inspection photos and maps.

The project will have an immediate impact on the disinfection of surfaces in any medical facility or commercial facility, allowing for a safer environment and allowing companies in strategic sectors to bring their workforce back sooner and safely. Combining the UV-C technology with mobile robots is an innovative Made-in-Canada solution with a high demand in Canada and abroad.