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    NGen is launching a call for project proposals that will build advanced manufacturing capacity in Canada and enhance the commercialization of artificial and machine learning innovations across manufacturing sectors in Canada. NGen will invest up to $17.5 million in this first challenge and is targeting $50 million in combined NGen and industry investments.

    Projects must focus on the commercialization of AI/ML solutions in manufacturing. They must also be business-led and collaborative. Research organizations, companies and organizations working outside the manufacturing sector that can contribute technical expertise and knowledge to project consortia are also welcome to participate.

    Projects must include at least two industry partners, one manufacturing company and one AI company. At least one of these companies needs to be a Small Medium Enterprise. More extensive engagement with manufacturers or applications involving multiple manufacturing sites are encouraged.

    Total project costs should be between $2M and $8M. Eligible projects will be reimbursed at a funding rate of 35% of total eligible project costs.

    There will be two rounds of funding submissions. The first submission deadline for the full funding proposal is December 7th 2022 and the deadline for the second round of projects is 28th February 2023. Workshops and briefing events will be held in the coming months in addition to a project collaboration event scheduled for November 8th 2022 for applicants to pitch project ideas to find collaboration partners.

     The Challenge will support AI-enabled advanced manufacturing technology development and commercialization such as:

    • Systems optimization within manufacturing facilities and/or across supply chains
    • The development of new advanced manufacturing capabilities for example new robotic, or automation equipment.
    • Enhanced manufacturing facility and process cybersecurity.
    • Rapid prototyping and testing of materials, products, and processes.
    • The development of other disruptive AI-enabled manufacturing capabilities and services.

    Dates & Deadlines

    • Online Collaboration Day November 8th, 2022 
    • Round 1: Project Screening Deadline (Expression of Interest) November 23, 2022
    • Round 1: Initial Application Submission Deadline December 7th2022
    • Round 2: Project Screening Deadline (Expression of Interest) February 8, 2023
    • Round 2: Initial Application Submission Deadline February 28, 2023

    Watch the Project Development Workshop on Youtube if you missed it.

    Application Guide

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    Download the following template documents to support your project application.

    Financial Workbook

    Application Agreement

    Project IP Plan Tables

    SME Declaration

    Application Questions

    Case Studies

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