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Sorsys Technologies

Sorsys is an automation company. Its main expedites is in automated inspection machines. SORSYS provides manufacturers with custom industrial automation services and solutions. Our services include but not limited to control system design, PLC programming, machine vision, optical inspection and Industrial sorting services.


EECOMOBILITY specializes in AI and Machine Learning developing software products for automotive and industrial applications. EECOMOBILITY’s AI software provides exceptional fault detection, diagnosis and prognostic results. EECOMOBILITY’s software can read, analyze, diagnose, and predict the information from multiple high speed sensor signals that are found in a vehicle’s energy, motor, inverter and transmission systems.



Lemay.ai is a top AI Consulting firm. We are great at what we do, and we want to help you to be great at what you do.



Omnirobotic helps manufacturers of high-mix products robotize their operations. Using 3D vision and AI, Omnirobotic enables Machine Builders to deploy industrial robots that see, plan and execute tasks on never-seen-before products without programming or fixturing. Omnirobotic is a VC-backed deep tech startup founded in 2016, has raised over $10M, and employs 40 full-time AI Scientists, developers, and engineers.


Basetwo AI

Basetwo AI is a Johnson & Johnson Innovation (JLABs) seed-stage software company based out of Toronto, Ontario providing the first end-to-end TwinOps platform focused on enabling engineers to operationalize and scale AI-enabled digital twins of the manufacturing processes.


Solid State AI

Solid State AI is in the business of increasing manufacturer's profits. We do this by developing and deploying AIMS, an AI software, which increases yields and throughputs whilst reducing resource consumption and cost. Using AIMS manufacturers have achieved the following:
1) 47% Throughput Increase resulting in 7% Gross Profit Margin Increase
2) 20% Yield Increase resulting in 4% Gross Profit Margin Increase
3) 20% Tool Availability Increase resulting in 13% Revenue Increase

UBC - Fraunhofer Collaboration Program

UBC Faculty of Applied Science (APSC) and Fraunhofer Institutes for Experimental Software Engineering (IESE) and Machine Tools and Forming Technology (IWU) set up a framework for research collaboration in the field of Industrial Digital Transformation. The focus of the collaboration is on the digitalization of machines, processes, and infrastructure and ultimately on the digital transformation of organizations and businesses in the manufacturing industry.


Phaseshift Technologies Inc.

Phaseshift is developing a Rapid Materials Development platform based on AI-driven optimization of design parameters and physics-based simulations to evaluate material properties.


Machinery Analytics

Our goal is to help manufacturers tackle the complexity of their products, accelerate development, and improve quality through our cloud-based software platform which analyzes time-series and image data to automate failure detection.
We provide value to manufacturers across product development, from R&D to operations.

Accuras Inc.

Accuras Inc. is a privately owned technology company providing value-added services in DataOps and Data Science domain to enable organizations lay the foundation for DevOps automation, Digital Transformation and AI operationalization.


Enertics Inc.

Enertics Inc., a Milton based technology company, leveraging multi-variate advanced sensing and AI based data analytics techniques, provides a Patent pending online monitoring, diagnostics, and predictive analytics system for electrical machines, such as electric motors, distribution transformers, generators, etc. The core objective of our technology is to help our customers maximize the asset & process uptime, while minimizing the financial losses and associated environmental impacts of unexpected failures, and ultimately extending the life of their critical equipment assets. The key value proposition of our solutions is not only to extend the useful life of electrical assets by preventing unexpected failures, but also minimize the harmful environmental impacts by minimizing the transformer oil spills and the GHG emissions from the maintenance truck rolls.



Vizuro develops Causal AI that mimics human decision makers: learn from multimodal data, infer causality, envision outcomes, to derive the best course of actions.
Our manufacturing solutions address the challenges for systems with high product variety and short life cycle, such as additive manufacturing, semiconductors, and customer packaged goods (CPGs), where training or sales data are difficult to accumulate.

Darwin AI

DarwinAI is an innovative industry 4.0 company transforming manufacturing by instilling trust in AI. DarwinAI’s visual quality inspection system provides Electronics (PCBA) manufacturers with an end-to-end system to improve product quality and production efficiency. Numerous Fortune 500 companies have adopted DarwinAI’s patented Explainable AI (XAI) platform and IP to easily integrate AI they can trust and results they can see. DarwinAI’s XAI stems from years of research led by Dr. Alexander Wong (Canada’s Research Chair in AI) at the University of Waterloo. DarwinAI received various accolades, including being named to CB Insight's AI 100 list of the 100 most promising private AI companies globally.


Deep Vision Inc.

Deep Vision develops real-time, intelligent machine perception capability for autonomous systems. Our novel technology enables the detection, recognition and interpretation of objects, events, and behaviours within challenging, dynamic and uncontrolled environments.


Filament AI

Filament AI is a boutique software and AI consulting services firm, bringing deep expertise in applied Machine Learning (ML) and how to target ML at defined business and organizational outcomes. We help enterprises and organizations adopt AI technologies, transform business models and build capability. We provide our offering through expert services backed by a suite of tooling developed specifically to meet the challenges of AI deployment and adoption.


Advanced Analytics and Research Lab

Advanced Analytics and Research Lab is a hybrid analytics services and solutions shop. We utilize your data to create a solution that is right for your business, and integrate it into your organization – without the hassle. We also provide custom analytics services from data processing, to running data models and developing custom solutions.


Maya HTT

Maya HTT has been delivering critical engineering, manufacturing, and 24/7/365 operations solutions for more than 40 years now. We have a talented group with 75% of Maya employees being highly technical. We bring expertise in AI, real-time monitoring and telemetry, software development, digital simulation to enhance engineering, manufacturing, and operations of critical systems. It is our unique combination of expertise that allows us to expand what can be done for humankind … engineering systems for better decisions!


Willows AI

We research and commercialize manufacturing-centric computer vision technologies. At Willows AI, our mission is to bring AI to manufacturing. The company was born out of our experience working with manufacturers and seeing limitations in the current state-of-the-art in AI that hinder adoption. As AI and machine learning transition from hype to productive applications, we are working to fill the gaps to build responsible, performant solutions that help manufacturers.


TetraGen Robotics

TetraGen Robotics (tetragen.ca) is a developer and integrator of intelligent 3D vision solutions for flexible robotic manufacturing. We help companies automate their low-volume, high-mix, and highly variable manufacturing processes in applications such as trimming, deburring, sanding, polishing, welding, etc.