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Description of AI Capabilities/Products:

  • Automated optical inspection (AOI): Defect identification and classification with minimal annotated data
  • Data-driven manufacturing quality control: Explainable Cause AI model infers root causes via a visualized causal graph providing actionable insights to reduce defects and optimize production parameters.
  • 3D object identification/inspection: Design schema of target object as a golden standard without collecting training images
  • Demand forecasting: Causal AI model incorporates internal sales data and external economic data for accurate and robust prediction in near term, long-term, or even in multiple microsegments (combination of product and geography).

Technology Categories:

  • AI-enabled Digital Twins
  • AI for Materials
  • Automating and optimizing legacy machines and processes
  • Automating Quality Prediction and Control
  • Demand-driven Production
  • Optimize productivity including increase OEE
  • Predictive Maintenance

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