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Description of AI Capabilities/Products:

Our consultancy practice builds AI capability for a blue-chip client base, delivering bespoke ML solutions and services. The IP of which is wholly owned by the client we are working with. It is our belief that AI and Machine Learning solutions should be at the core of an organization's strategy, and that these core capabilities should be wholly owned by them. We have built up a wealth of hands-on deployment experience delivering over 150 AI projects over 5 years across multiple industries.
Filament has experience working within a range of industries from charities, financial services firms and industrial companies. Filament have worked both with large enterprise that have deep technological expertise and teams with very limited existing experience in A.I.
Our use cases in Industrial AI include:
  • Detecting faults and performance issues using predictive maintenance
  • Automating quality assurance tasks using Computer Vision
  • Documenting plant safety and identifying problems using Computer Vision
  • Process Indicator Predictions

Technology Categories:

  • AI driven Automation Solutions
  • AI for Materials
  • Automating Quality Prediction and Control
  • Digitization of supply chains for traceability and evidence of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliance
  • Energy and Emissions Optimization
  • Predictive Maintenance

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