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Description of AI Capabilities/Products:

AAARL can provide clients with a comprehensive, clean dashboard's with intuitive visualization of the KPI's most important to your operations. By pulling data from disparate systems, you get one source of the truth in real time.
We apply the latest in analytics to properly balance automation and labour, automating only what makes sense for your operations. Reduce bottlenecks, improve cycle time and realize dramatic improvements in production efficiency.
For inventory and supply chain optimization, we apply a scientific approach to optimize demand forecasting, pricing and inventory to lower your operational costs and increase profits, reducing risks to your operations.
Using predictive modelling we can help improve productivity and reduce defects by identifying the impact to variances, categorized by component or process. Further, we apply the latest in root cause analysis in returned goods to understand failures based on design, faulty components or use in the field.

Technology Categories:

  • AI driven Automation Solutions
  • AI for Materials
  • Automating and optimizing legacy machines and processes
  • Demand-driven Production
  • Automating Quality Prediction and Control
  • Energy and Emissions Optimization
  • Optimize productivity including increase OEE
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Other (specify)
  • AI-enabled Digital Twins
  • Digitization of supply chains for traceability and evidence of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) compliance
  • Generative design

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