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EVMP Collaboration Portal Form

Use this form to submit a project idea that meets the criteria of the challenge. Project guides should be consulted for project compliance (Please click here for the EVMP Application Guide).  If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your project idea with the NGen team, please email us at ev-challenge@ngen.ca

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NGen Supercluster Funds Development of Supply Chain Crisis Management Platform


NanoTerraTech Advanced Materials Inc.

NanoTerraTech Advanced Materials Inc. has developed the CRITICAL MINERAL "BIO-Graphite" from Forestry Biomass Waste for the EV Battery Market.


Compofoam Inc.

COMPOFOAM has developed a unique technology to produce massively multi-metal sandwich (MMS) and aluminum foam sandwich (AFS).


Hi-Power Solutions Inc.

Battery mineral refining using electrolysis/electro-winning process.

We can provide the high power quality DC power supply.

We are looking for a collaborator who can produce the chemical process.


VoltsUp Technologies Inc.

VoltsUp is an AI self wireless power technologies total solutions company. Our proprietary technologies include RF and Microwave based technologies supporting both contact base and AI Self wireless power over-air in the near-field, Mid-field, and Far-field technologies. VoltsUp supports a wide range of frequencies from 10 MHz - 30 GHz and powering or charges over the air up to 24 km away, without the need for line-of-sight. VoltsUp also includes a wide range of voltages and power outputs from 0 volts and 150 volts, plus power outputs from 1 milliamp to 100 watts. Our other proprietary technologies also include AI Self Active Energy Harvesting Technologies, RF, Microwave, Solar, Temperature, Vibration, Light, and Heat, VoltsUp has developed.


Mangrove Lithium

This project is an ambitious undertaking to pioneer technology development and establish a consortium for a pilot production line focused on scaling up the production of battery-grade lithium. The objective is not to initiate commercial production, but to drive novel manufacturing and process innovation.


Nanode Battery Technologies

Nanode has developed an innovative and streamlined process (patent-pending) for producing tin-based anode material, which enhances the energy density and fast-charging capabilities of batteries. The objective of this project is to scale up the production of tin-based anodes from 10g/week to 1kg/week and verify their performance in sodium or lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles (EVs).


Pleora Technologies

Pleora Technologies would like to partner with manufacturers who rely on manual inspection during in-coming, in-process and final assembly steps.

Calogy Solutions-logo

Calogy Solutions

Calogy Solutions has developed a new Li-ion battery platform based on its innovative thermal management solution Uni.T(TR).

Our objective is to develop a modular and fully automated battery module production line, with advanced AI-based traceability and quality control systems.


Owtrun Reliability

Build ML algorithms to monitor the degradation of batteries & manufacturing equipment in real-time, predict failures earlier, and implement an optimal maintenance strategy. Solution will be built with no internal expertise required and will be customized to individual site's operations.



InnovÉÉ aims to make Quebec a world leader in the electric and intelligent energy and transportation sectors.


GreenLIB Materials Inc.

The GreenLIB Pilot Plant Project represents a critical juncture in our strategic roadmap to optimize and scale our proprietary lithium-ion battery recycling technology. This initiative aims to take our established laboratory-scale operations and translate them into real-world, industrial settings, with a focus on process consistency, feasibility, scalability, and revenue generation.


Torngat Metals

Torngat is setting up a rare earth element refinery in Quebec which would refine mine extracts and separate them into individual valuable rare earth elements.


Manufacturing facility establishing in Northern Ontario to include 3D additive printing, and CNC machining searching for partners in value-added production of products in the EV value-chain.


elerGreen Industry Corporation

elerGreen’s novel continuous solid harvesting electrochemical reactor is valuable to Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Value Chain Program (EVMP), for facilitating automatic recovery of metals from EV battery recycling, and production of metals for EV battery in mining or electrometallurgy settings.


Carsolia Composites

A light weighting solution for automotive EV applications. Suspension coil spring made from lightweight composite material.