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About GreenLIB Materials Inc.:

Based in Montreal, Canada, GreenLIB is revolutionizing the lithium-ion battery recycling sector. Our unique methodology not only reduces operational expenses by half but also improves material retrieval and dramatically decreases CO2 emissions — 57% less than traditional recycling methods and 82% less than primary mining. Our versatile, cost-efficient approach services various battery types, particularly emphasizing LFP batteries, offering both economic advantages and a reduced environmental footprint.

Project Objectives:

  • Process Enhancement: We strive for a robust, scalable lithium-ion battery recycling method ensuring high-quality output for battery production reuse.
  • Feasibility Proof: Our pilot project will showcase the practicality and efficiency of our unique recycling technology in genuine industrial settings.
  • Scalability Validation: We're testing our recycling's adaptability from lab to industrial sizes, addressing scaling challenges.
  • Revenue Generation: We plan to sell our output to battery makers competitively, ensuring a consistent income and validating our method's market-value.
  • Strategic Alliances: We're pursuing key industry relationships, especially with manufacturers using recycled materials, emphasizing joint R&D endeavors.
  • Next Steps: This pilot prepares us for our next aim: a plant processing 50-100 metric tons monthly, using insights from this phase for optimized, larger-scale execution.

What THEY bring to the table:

The GreenLIB team is a formidable blend of expertise and experience. Their leadership consists of a CEO with a rich background in mechanical and chemical engineering, complemented by strategic roles in the automotive electronics, chemical, and metal recycling industries. Heading their R&D is a seasoned PhD with a decade's experience in hydrometallurgy. Their data & analytics leader harnesses computational chemistry and machine learning, optimizing recycling processes. Their business development head merges technical and commercial skills to drive growth, while a range of strategic advisors bring insights from fields like lithium-ion battery manufacturing, industrial facility planning, academic research in materials science, and startup business optimization. 

What YOU will bring to the table:

  • Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing: To ensure the recycled products meet manufacturing needs.
  • Chemical Engineering: For optimizing and scaling the recycling process.
  • Environmental Science: To gauge ecological impacts and emphasize sustainability.
  • Materials Science: To guarantee the recycled materials meet industry benchmarks.