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About elerGreen Industry Corporation:

Resonating its motto “Electrification Done Green”, elerGreen is a cleantech startup to recover valuable products from wastes and electricity, in economic and eco-friendly way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxN1F9IAEJo

As key differentiator, elerGreen invented unique electrochemical reactor of moving electrode against stationary blades to continuously remove solid products. This facilitates pollutants conversion, including CO2, heavy metals (EV battery and mining) and petrochemical wastes, into valuable metals, polymers and feedstocks. Besides being energy-efficient, it replaces fossil fuel combustion with renewable electricity:



Beyond technology, elerGreen innovates business model as collaborative sales, to empower customers with cost-sharing and joint-IP protection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MyZ3Pa4TEA

Project Objectives:

  1. Implement elerGreen Reactor in process facilities to automate EV battery recycling or production
  2. Monitor and quantify performance via field tests at process facilities
  3. Reduce battery waste and explore further scale-up
  4. Establish collaborative sales model with partnering companies

What THEY bring to the table:

A) elerGreen Technology
elerGreen’s novel continuous solid harvesting electrochemical reactor is valuable to Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Value Chain Program (EVMP), for facilitating automatic recovery of metals from EV battery recycling, and production of metals for EV battery in mining or electrometallurgy settings.
elerGreen IP involves a cluster of cleantech inventions including elerGreen’s value-added key differentiators and unique from the competitors, especially moving electrode electrolyzer and commercial non-conductive polymer production:
B) Subject Matter Expertise
elerGreen team includes inventors having engineering and business background. Notably, elerGreen’s founder, Hui Huang Hoe is a serial inventor in green electrochemistry, especially his prior research patented by UofT titled “Electrochemical Carbon Dioxide Utilization”:
He also authored numerous journals, and published a free book for students “Mathematica Particularis”:
C) Connection and Coverage
As assets to the project, elerGreen has established various collaborations and been recognized by awards. Among others:
- Ontario Clean Technology Industry Associations: https://octia.ca/economy/electrification-done-green/
- Circular Economy Leadership Canada: https://circulareconomyleaders.ca/our-partners-2/
- CANIE Award (Climate-Related Product of the Year): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LxN1F9IAEJo
- PERUMIN Finalist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MyZ3Pa4TEA
- Impactful Actions Awards (New!): https://news.profoundimpact.com/category/profound-connections-newsletter/
D) Resource
elerGreen is commencing a project to build elerGreen reactor in full-scale, such that elerGreen could supply the reactor device while partners focus on implementing/troubleshooting in partners’ site/facilities. elerGreen may also support with equipment or materials as available, either directly or through collaborators, such as:

What YOU will bring to the table:

elerGreen is commencing a project to build elerGreen reactor in full-scale, which could be shipped to partners’ site for field-test and operation. elerGreen is looking for partners who have the capacity and interest to implement elerGreen Reactor in partners’ facilities to automate EV battery recycling or production.
This can also be in a Collaborative Sales setting where at completion, the partners purchase the reactor, together with a license. For customers/partners, this reduces risk and while resulting in savings, besides access to IP. For elerGreen, it reduces risk while shortening the lifecycle of development. Such collaborative sales can then be replicated as next bigger project.