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About Mangrove Lithium:

Mangrove Lithium, a Vancouver-based company, has developed a breakthrough platform for the most cost-effective production of battery grade lithium hydroxide from diverse input streams and assets. Mangrove’s modular solution can be scaled to any capacity and co-located with upstream lithium producers or cathode and cell manufacturers. The platform technology is also being commercialized for conversion of waste brines to chemicals and desalinated water.

Project Objectives:

Form a consortium of key stakeholders in various areas of the lithium battery supply chain, fostering innovation through upstream and downstream collaboration.

Establish a pilot production line to facilitate domestic capacity developing in raw material extraction, processing, and battery manufacturing.

Continuously improve and de-risk innovative technologies through iterative learning, underpinned by the expertise within the consortium.

Assess the potential for scaling a Canadian-sourced batter production/manufacturing supply chain to commercially relevant throughputs, identify and report any observed gaps.

What THEY bring to the table:

Mangrove Lithium brings its specialty in the electrochemical refinement of lithium salts derived from various sources, including brine/DLE extraction, mining and battery recycling operations. Our novel process curtails energy use, chemical inputs/outputs, and GHG emissions in contrast with traditional processing technologies.

As part of this project, Mangrove Lithium will play a pivotal role in the pre-commercial "pilot" production line, innovative the transformation of lithium salt feedstocks (such as lithium chloride and lithium sulfate) into cathode active material precursors (like lithium hydroxide and/or lithium carbonate) using our patented electrochemical method. Our job is to ensure continuous process innovation while transferring this improved material down the battery manufacturing chain.

What YOU will bring to the table:

The success of this project hinges on the collaboration of vital entities across the battery supply chain. As such, we're seeking the support of several companies within the supply chain to enable the demonstration and optimization of a domestic, pre-commercial "pilot" production line for Canadian-sourced lithium-ion batteries. These collaborators will bring their distinct expertise to the table, allowing us to co-develop, iterate, and refine the manufacturing process, advancing the technology and IP associated with it.