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About Nanode Battery Technologies:

Nanode Battery Technologies pioneers the development of cutting-edge anode technologies for sodium and lithium-ion batteries. As we strive to overcome the limitations of traditional carbon-based anodes. Nanode has successfully created tin-based alloy anodes that propel battery energy storage capacity to unprecedented heights. Our groundbreaking solution improves the anode capacity by ~2.5 times higher than its counterparts, coupled with an impressive charging speed of just 6 minutes.

Project Objectives:

  • Set up a commercial scale-up pilot line to improve the tin-based powder anode production from 10g/week to 1kg/week;
  • Demonstrate enhance battery energy density in full commercial battery cells;
  • Test the prototype cells in real EV application.

What THEY bring to the table:

  • Battery anode production/process development
  • Coin battery cell development, fabrication, and testing
  • Battery working/failure mechanism study
  • Battery data management and analysis via Machine Learning

What YOU will bring to the table:

  • Partners that can our innovative tin-based anode solutions for their electric vehicle battery needs.
  • Partners that have strong expertise in metal processing, power making and metal atomization to scale up the production.