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The automotive industry is currently undergoing one of the most significant transformations in its history, shifting from fossil-fuel-based powertrains to low/zero-emission powertrains. This transformation will usher in prime opportunities for regional markets, OEMs, and suppliers to lead the revolution.

The North American production of traditional powertrain components will decrease significantly over the next 10 years. Production of EV powertrain components, on the other hand, is expected to grow from $6B USD in 2019 to $26B USD by 2030.

The coming years will define Canada’s role in this transformation. Building on our research, technology, and manufacturing strengths, the creation of new materials and components, together with advanced manufacturing practices, processes and technologies, promise many new business and investment opportunities. They will also have many positive social and environmental impacts, driving down GHG, particulate and VOC emissions, creating sustainable materials, reducing land degradation and water use, improving energy management, and reducing manufacturing footprints, all of which will enhance the position of Canadian companies in the automotive supply chains of the future.

The goals of this challenge are to:

1) Create Jobs

2) Create value for the Canadian economy

3) Develop new processes throughout Zero-Emission Vehicle value chains, from crushing ore, mineral refinement, materials development, manufacturing scale-up of components, systems and final assembly, and recycling

4) Develop products to enter new supply chains and scale manufacturing

5) Reduce the overall cost of manufacturing EV products in Canada

6) Increase the quality of the products being manufactured

7) Reduce overall operational emissions

8) Build flexibility into production processes


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