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The next wave of Supercluster projects takes off

Canadian manufacturing and technology companies have no shortage of ideas on how to shape the future of advanced manufacturing. 
You just have to ask them.
That’s what NGen did, putting out an open call to companies for project proposals that could be funded under its Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster program. The impressive results were on display April 16 at Lot42 in Kitchener, where over 450 people gathered on the site of an old steel fabrication factory to trade plans and aspirations for manufacturing’s next generation... Read more


Robotics. Sensors.
3D printing. Data.

New technologies and platforms are rewiring the way we make things, inspiring better products and new industries.

That’s advanced manufacturing.

NGen connects.

Canada’s advanced manufacturing network is a constellation of industrial companies and start-ups, researchers and investors, government-funded labs and more.

We use data to bring these assets together, promoting collaboration that unlocks new opportunities.

Meeting global competition head on.

New competitors are emerging – and using advanced technologies to gain an edge.

NGen answers that challenge, accelerating the creation and adoption of new technologies so Canadian companies can be global leaders.

Greater prosperity.
A better world.

Manufacturing stokes Canada’s economy. The shift to advanced manufacturing will enrich all our lives through better products, higher value jobs and sustainable economic growth.