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Lead Organization

Wood Manufacturing Cluster of Ontario


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NGen Funding Advances the Wood Manufacturing Ecosystem

NGen provided a conduit for outreach to wood product manufacturers that are not currently participating in the Wood Manufacturing Cluster of Ontario, highlighting the organization as the leading expert in value-added wood manufacturing and building a domestic ecosystem.

NGen’s network of industry partners created new opportunities for collaboration and innovation with non-traditional solution providers and other companies not currently engaged in the wood manufacturing sector.


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ngen project funding

Supporting a Sustainable and Renewable Value-Added Wood Industry

Managed clustering activities such as those delivered by the organization increase productivity, levels of innovation, workforce availability and skill-level, business competitiveness, and exposure to international markets for members, particularly SMEs.

The project will support market development and create new relationships with suppliers. The organization will be working directly with colleges and universities to support the growth of skilled labour as well as to conduct research and develop new products and solutions

Digital Cluster
Transformation Program

The Wood Manufacturing Cluster of Ontario is a not-for-profit wood manufacturing cluster that was looking at a digital transformation program that would enable SMEs to grow and run their businesses by enabling access to the cluster's programs and activities. 

Anticipated economic benefits include increased sales and productivity and process improvements for member companies both inside and outside the cluster.

The program also enabled the cluster to engage with remote SMEs and to collaborate with other organizations involved in the Canadian wood industry, further strengthening Canada's domestic high-value wood manufacturing ecosystem.