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Saskatchewan Industrial Mining
Suppliers Association



  • Representing 200 SME member companies across Saskatchewan

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NGen Builds Clusters that Support and Grow the Advanced Manufacturing Ecosystem

NGen support had a phenomenal impact on SIMSA by connecting member companies to other NGen programs, project consortiums, funding streams, and other clusters 200 SME members, multiple new partners in traditional and non-traditional industry sectors.


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NGen Project

Supporting Businesses through the Pandemic
and Beyond

By digitizing its traditionally in-person events, the initiative enabled SIMSA and its 200 SMEs to maintain their businesses, protecting the industry, while enabling them to attract new contracts through a virtual platform.

SIMSA’s 200 member companies represent over $10 billion in revenues, $8 billion in GDP, and impact 21,000 jobs

SIMSA is undertaking various cluster-to-cluster activities including a virtual trade mission, new cluster and cross channel activities, and new business opportunities


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Digitizing the SIMSA Cluster

The Saskatchewan Industrial Mining Suppliers Association (SIMSA) represents 200 mining suppliers that are responsible for over $10 billion in revenues, $8 billion in GDP, and 21,000 jobs. The Covid-19 pandemic impacted the activities of the association, which included procurement events and tradeshows that were critical to the survival of many of the member companies.

With the support of NGen, SIMSA created a new, digital platform, SIMSA Digital, that allows members and members’ clients to continue to do business together by digitizing current practices and developing new partnerships and business opportunities. 

The new platform also allows SIMSA and its members to link virtually to other mining industry associations across Canada, encouraging innovation and collaboration with new partners in both traditional and non-traditional industry sectors.