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    NGen Support Increases Scope and Scale of Projects

    Without NGen funding it is conservatively estimated that project timelines would be extended by 2 to 3 times, jeopardizing first mover advantage and delaying positive economic impacts. 


    Technology Adoption
    Partner Found


    Accelerated Product Development

    Project Will Improve Production Efficiencies and Export Solutions Globally

    Stackpole will implement the technologies in its Canadian and global facilities, achieving production efficiencies that far exceed industry standards. Kepstrum will export its methodologies globally, using intellectual property generated in Canada. 

    Stackpole aims to increase product lifetime by 5-10%, reduce cost of quality by 20% and reduce product recalls by 20%. 

    Kepstrum will export their Made-in-Canada findings to labs in Toronto, Germany, and Austria, supporting the global manufacturing sector.


    project total


    NGen project funding

    Feasibility of a new and innovative production end-of-line tester 

    Together, the partners are undertaking a feasibility study to identify analytical algorithms that will create a system capable of identifying compound production problems that cannot be detected by current quality control processes. Currently, within the Canadian automotive manufacturing industry, the end-of-line product quality check is a manual process that is blind to the manufacturing process and the variations that occur on a daily basis. 

    As a result, manufacturers are experiencing a heightened level of recalls due to unidentified product failures during production. This new system is intended to be capable of detecting compound production problems that cannot be detected by current uncorrelated and parallel quality control processes. When applied, the system improves quality levels and reduces the number of recalls.