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NGen supports accelerated product development

The funds granted by NGen accelerated the development of the DeepSight solution not only for Avior but for the whole Canadian manufacturing landscape


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Accelerated Product Development

Creating an innovative tool to empower workers

DeepSight will create holographic guides to enable hands-on learning will take place in 3 dimensions.

The DeepSight tool will be extremely useful for training and skills development for workers of various fields. It will provide employees with a visual and immersive experience that will help with the retention of knowledge and present the information in a more intuitive manner using full 3D models.


Project Total



Module for digitalizing work instructions to augmented reality

DeepSight and Avior Integrated Products Inc. undertook a pilot project to add a new component to the current DeepSight augmented reality (AR) platform that will create holographic guides to help workers assemble aerospace components and composite parts, improving productivity and reducing defaults.

The new module, designed and built conjointly by the two companies, will enable Avior employees to build instruction guides in AR with no programming required. These guides will then be visualized by workers on the floor to assist them with the manufacturing of various parts. The successful completion of the project will have a tremendous impact on both companies.

Avior will obtain a cutting-edge solution that streamlines the manufacturing process and that can be applied to a multitude of products. DeepSight will have added a crucial component to its platform with the implementation of QR codes and accurate spatial visualization. This will have a transformative impact on DeepSight as this knowledge can be applied to many other companies and industries.