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October 24, 2019

This past October 2nd and 9th NGen held two highly anticipated Collaboration sessions at CMTS and EMC respectively.

John-CMTS-2019-2Collaboration events feature presentations by companies with project ideas who are seeking prospective project partners to form a consortium, that is a requirement for advanced manufacturing Supercluster funding.

Below are the presentations in PDF format. We will be posting the videos on our Youtube channel when available.

Canadian Manufacturing Technology Show (CMTS) October 2, 2019 at the International Centre in Mississauga Ontario.

    • Wuxly Movement, a maker of sustainable outerwear seeking enhanced manufacturing processes for its advanced technical materials. PDF
    • Tekna, a leader in induction plasma systems and a manufacturer of advanced material powders. PDF
    • Praemo delivers Razor™ — an analytics engine combining industry expertise with AI and the IIoT to predict and prevent disruption to your operations. PDF
    • Applus+ Canada is a worldwide leader in the testing, inspection and certification sector. PDF
    • Kinova provides humanity with robots that empower them to  achieve the extraordinary everyday. PDF
    • Clearpath provides robotics solutions, world class support, and an incredible customer experience. PDF
    • Callisto Integration is a leader in the design, development and implementation of advanced systems for manufacturing. PDF
    • OMNIRobotic helps mass customization manufacturers robotize their operations using autonomous industrial robots. PDF
    • Nanogrande combines additive manufacturing, nanotechnology and machine learning. PDF
    • Jesse Garant Metrology Centre builds and customizes industrial CT scanning systems. PDF
    • FreePoint Technologies is a company that improves connectivity between machines and people. PDF
    • PolyML, a machine learning company looking for manufacturing partners that seek to improve predictive maintenance. PDF
    • Enable presented Video

EMC's Advantage Through Excellence - Future of Manufacturing Conference October 9, 2019 in Vaughan, Ontario.

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