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Transformation Leadership

A program for CEOs and their teams

Almost half of companies that implement digital technologies report not meeting their business objectives. This is not because of the technology itself, but because the implementation was not fully aligned with the business strategy.

NGen’s Transformation Leadership Program will provide leadership teams with the tools to self-assess the business and find areas that can be matured to be globally competitive, a roadmap to correct areas that may hamper success, and in the process strategically align the entire business to the needs of your customers.

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Break Down Internal Silos


Benchmark vs. World-Class Practices


Improve Customer Relationships


Custom Transformation Roadmap

Program Overview

Program Introduction

Designing Transformation

  • Reality Check

    This is a VUCA (Volatile Uncertain Complex Ambiguous) Environment.
    You need to understand the dynamics of your environment WITH DATA
  • Strategic Planning This module uses the Reality Check data to help you to answer the question how do you achieve a “Competitive Advantage?”
  • Customer Centric Companies that are Customer Success Oriented make more money.
    Our assessment will help you pin-point opportunities
  • Innovation & Industry 4.0 The transformation will require innovation.
    Innovation is a skill every company needs especially as we all migrate to Industry 4.0

Leading Transformation

  • Advanced Leadership

    Bottom Line: Are your Culture and Values aligned?
    Are there Leadership Gaps that will preclude change?
  • People Impacts of Industry 4.0 As we migrate to a Digital Economy the workforce will be impacted
    We outline how to address the critical skills gaps that can be the difference between success or failure
  • Change Management

    We bring the best change leaders to you
    Making Change Happen will be your #1 challenge
  • People-Centric Leadership There is a new, transformative leadership model that will help you to grow a professional manufacturing workforce
    People-centric organizations are more profitable

Executing Transformation

  • Project Management Data shows companies struggle with Project Management
    This module highlights the Best Practices and Tools
  • Operational Excellence Streamlining operations is critical to achieving the lowest cost, highest quality, and best delivery.
    Operational Excellence is critical for your strategic positioning
  • Supply Chain Management You are not in this alone ~ you are a supply chain member
    How do you align with your customers?
    How do you align with your suppliers?
    How do you use this alignment for competitive advantage?
  • Execution

    The PLAN is of NO VALUE until you execute
    This requires “Laser-Sharp Focus”. We’ll provide some tools that will help

Balanced Transformation Roadmap

Strategic Assessment Tools

REALITYSATA thorough assessment of the understanding gaps when doing a global Reality Check. Uses the 5 C’s method.

S-SAT Strategy drives the structure and the activities of the company. This needs to be aligned with Mission and Vision and must be led. World-class companies develop metrics and accountability for organizational alignment.

VSAT Value-based Strategic Assessment Tool is for identifying the strategic core process gaps at the company. This supports the Operational Excellence strategic development.

LSAT Leadership Strategic Assessment Tools looks at the leadership categories and allows the company leadership to assess what are their biggest gaps.

CCSAT Customer-Centric Strategic Assessment Tool allows the leadership to look at their Company-to-Customer linkages and identify the biggest gaps.

CompSAT Competency Strategic Assessment Tool focuses on the skills and competencies required over the next few years. The result provides a template for a plan to fill these gaps ~ typically based upon establishing education and training partnerships

PMSAT Project Management disciplines and processes are essential to the execution of any complex plan. This tool allows the team to assess the maturity of their PM processes.

PCLSAT People-centric Leadership Strategic Assessment Tool builds upon the AME concept of PCL and helps the leadership develop a plan to better support their staff.

ISAT Industry 4.0 Strategic Assessment Tool addresses the fundamental transformations that Industry 4.0 is bringing to the industry. This should lead to a company Industry 4.0 plan. There are two assessments included here.

SNSAT Supply Network Strategic Assessment Tool builds upon the SIPOC (Supply – Input – Process- Output – Customer) model. This is a unique SAT in that two viewpoints are captured ~ the customer view and the supplier view.

ValuesSAT Values drive performance and motivation and underpin culture. The focus of this assessment is on the gaps of values within the company in the context of strategy

InnSAT This assessment does a complete 360°assessment of the company from an innovation perspective. Gaps will identify where barriers to innovation exist.

ESAT A plan is of little value unless successfully executed. This measures Execution gaps.

Program Instructors


Dan L. Shunk, Ph. D

Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering
Arizona State University

Dr. Dan Shunk is a Professor Emeritus in Industrial Engineering in the Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering at ASU. He is also the PIMSA Chair for Innovation and Design at CETYS University in Baja, Mexico. From 1975 to 1979, he served as a Captain and Co-Founder of the ICAM Program for the United States Air Force. He served in various industry leadership positions becoming the VP and GM of the GCA Corporation. He later transitioned to ASU as the CIM Systems Research Center Director. He has served as a consultant for Motorola, Kenworth, the United States Army, Intel, Oracle, Avnet, i/o, TASER, Aerojet, and Petsmart to name a few.

He proudly lists eleven teaching awards highlighted by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ highest honor, their International Educator award. He has served his country in various roles including a Fulbright Scholar and Technical Lead for the global Intelligent Manufacturing System consortium.  Read more


Stewart Cramer, P.Eng

Chief Manufacturing Officer, NGen

As Chief Manufacturing Officer for NGen, the organization running Canada’s Global Innovation Cluster for Advanced Manufacturing, Stewart leads activities focused on improving the Canadian manufacturing supply chain including workforce development, leadership transformation, and de-risking tech adoption. Prior to joining NGen, Stewart had more than 15 of experience as the CEO of multi-site SMEs performing advanced manufacturing services for customers in the aerospace, defense, automotive, energy, and biomedical industries.

Stewart’s companies were recognized leaders in the integration of advanced technologies into manufacturing operations, in conjunction with a strong underlying foundation in the principles of lean manufacturing and the theory of constraints. Read more 


Christy Michalak

Director, Advanced Manufacturing Development Programs
NGen Canada

With 20 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and international business development in Fortune 500 aerospace and automotive companies, Christy has been fortunate to visit and collaborate with companies all around North America, Europe, and Asia. From this experience, she brings to NGen not only a passion for manufacturing, but also for diversity and inclusion in the sector. In her off-hours Christy can be found hiking in nature with her partner and two girls, or out in the bush with her portable easel, capturing the Canadian wilderness. Read more

“It was one of the very best training programs that I have been exposed to, ever! It was well paced, insightful, instructive and dynamic with solid interaction orchestrated by the NGen team. I would highly recommend that the program be expanded and made more widely available to manufacturing teams across Canada.”

B.H., CFO and COO, SME in Automation

This program provides great clarity. The SAT’s provide alignment reinforcement.”

M.M., Sr. Mgr. Supply Chain, Aerospace MNE

"We like that there is lots of information and examples. The exchange of ideas on how to improve.  And the SAT’s are great ~ it does take time to digest.”

E.F., President and COO, Aerospace Tier 2, SME

“The presentations and technical foundation are solid.  They are very helpful.”

M.M., Operations Manager, Large Aerospace Tier 1

“This is a fast-paced program that allows us to think about our customers. It allows us to really follow-up with internal collaborations.”

R.W., Director, Product Definition and Quality, Aerospace MNE

“The program is really good. There is a lot to digest. We do appreciate the live interaction and using the SAT’s to create value from different viewpoints.”

I.M., Director of Program Office and Supply Chain, Aerospace MNE

“It was one of the very best training programs that I have been exposed to, ever! It was well-paced, insightful, instructive, and dynamic with solid interaction orchestrated by the NGen team. I would highly recommend that the program be expanded and made more widely available to manufacturing teams across Canada.”

B.H., CFO and COO, SME in Automation

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Session topics will include:


Leading Transformation

People-centric Leadership
Effective Change Management
People Impacts of Industry 4.0
Advanced Leadership


Designing Transformation

Reality Check
Strategic Planning
Becoming a Customer-Centric Company
Innovating with Industry 4.0 Technologies


Executing Transformation

Advanced Program Management
Operational Excellence
Supply Chain Management

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