Help Canadian manufacturers meet critical shortages in the fight against COVID-19

NGen will invest at least $50 million in Supercluster funding to support companies as they rapidly respond to the COVID-19 crisis by building a Canadian supply of essential equipment, products and therapeutics.  

The following resources are being compiled to help medical-licensed manufacturers provide a high-quality, rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Documentation will be added as it becomes available. NGen provides this information for convenience only and has not been involved in certification or approval. All production should be confirmed with appropriate government authorities.  


Critical Products Specifications & Guidelines

Find the latest Health Canada guidance including standards, designs and specifications. 

COVID-19 Capability  Intake Form

Tell us how you can support Canada’s COVID-19 response.

Project &  Financial Guides

Information about NGen’s COVID-19 Response Program.

Government  Resources

Federal and Provincial resources for Canadian businesses. 

Resources for Manufacturers

Best practices and resources for industry.