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About ZeroKey Inc.:

ZeroKey is a Canadian technology company that designs and manufactures Quantum RTLS™, the world’s most accurate large-scale 3D real-time location system (RTLS). The IoT sensor technology enables unprecedented operational visibility of manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and human-centric workflows to drive real-time optimization and integration of processes across entire organizations. By digitizing the real-time 3D position of any given thing (assets, equipment, orders in production, inventory, etc.) with millimetre-level accuracy, Quantum RTLS helps businesses achieve closed-loop control of dynamic workflows, monitoring of physical processes and high-value assets, process analytics, high-fidelity digital twinning, and more. With a range of trackable tags suitable for diverse applications, Quantum RTLS tracks the assets, processes, goods, and personnel critical to modern business with unprecedented resolution.

Project Objectives:

  • Work together to create footage and written case study content, mutual marketing opportunity
  • Deploy our Quantum RTLS technology in various environments (any industrial manufacturing facility, construction environments, warehouses) to showcase its capabilities
  • Opportunity for participating companies to move to a permanent Quantum RTLS installation once the case study is complete
  • Participating companies get to tangibly display their willingness to innovate and digitally transform their operations by testing out a cutting-edge IoT sensor technology/positioning system at no cost

What THEY bring to the table:

  • Responsible for deploying our technology, capturing the footage/content, and compiling the case study and associated marketing materials (with input from the participating company)
  • Identify, explain, and demonstrate how the participating company would benefit from our technology throughout the deployment and testing process
  • Partner companies gain access to the data we’re collecting and insight into their operations over the 2 day period - cycle times, bottlenecks, equipment utilization, etc.

What YOU will bring to the table:

  • 2-day unlimited access to partner’s facility (shut down of operations is not preferred or required)
  • Facility type is very broad. Essentially any industrial warehouses, construction environments, distribution and logistics facilities, manufacturing facilities (polymers, conveyor belts, plumbing components, HVAC components, steel fabrication shops, bolt manufacturers/suppliers, etc.)
  • Use case(s) / things we would like to track and monitor include: Picking and kitting, QA/QC, equipment utilization, personnel safety, safety zones/geofencing, throughput velocity, cycle times, process tracking, efficiency, bottleneck identification

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