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About Yex:

YEX Inc. is a spinoff company out of Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI). We have invented a liquid product/reagent that could replace the industry standard (fetal bovine serum, FBS) for cell culture activities.

Our product, YEX Serum, uses egg yolks to provide all of the nutrients and growth factors needed by biotechnology companies to culture their cells of interest.  These cells normally rely on FBS in order to divide but FBS costs are rising and there is significant lot-to-lot variability in this product.

YEX Serum is an excellent and eco-friendly alternative to FBS and our company is seeking to increase its production of this liquid product from 6 bottles/week to >50 bottles/week.  We already have clients that are ready to switch to our product but they will need >20 bottles/week before committing.  We have identified various production bottlenecks which we hope NGen will help us solve.

Project Objectives:

  • to integrate novel physical homogenization techniques to raw material (complex biofluids)
  •  to integrate hydraulics based filtration systems to filter the homogenized complex biofluids
  •  to integrate computerized quality control systems for each “batch” of YEX Serum

What THEY bring to the table:

  • Biological systems
  •  complex biofluids
  •  cell culture

What YOU will bring to the table:

  • hydraulics
  • filtration
  • homogenization techniques (sonication, etc.)
  • High hydrostatic Pressure systems


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