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About Technology Trace:

Technology Trace is a full service IoT company based in Waterloo, Ontario that has developed trevii, the world’s first boundless smart tracking technology for managing highly valued mobile assets.

Validated and certified to all appliable standards, trevii solves a multi billion-dollar industry problem within industries requiring portable equipment. trevii helps manufacturers improve their P&L by lowering the physical and financial risk of hardware loss and reduce the number of field corrective actions related to assets deployed into the field-based scenarios.

Where traditional passive tracking methods look only for device position, trevii goes beyond these technologies to track remote device deployments with boundless geographic location and usage behavior, providing manufacturers with a richer understanding of equipment movement, and device performance in the field.

Project Objectives:

  • Create a point of use tag that can uniquely identify an asset

  • Create a point of use tag that can track the location of a portable asset

  • Create a point of use tag that can trigger a usage activity of an asset in a remote location

  • Create AI algorithms to identify, alert, and report Out of Limit (OOL) conditions such that proactive remediation activities can be performed

What THEY bring to the table:

  • End to end IoT hardware and software development

  • AI and data analytics

  • Process engineering and optimization

  • Life science industry regulations

What YOU will bring to the table:

Manufacturer and Supplier of high valued portable assets distributed across Canada who is experiencing inefficiencies, oversupply, product expiration, and loss due to manual processing.

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