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About Promation Engineering Ltd.:

Promation Engineering Ltd. has been founded in 1995 to supply robotic systems for the automotive industry. Promation Nuclear Ltd. springs from the success of the founding company and with a laser focus on the nuclear market, it became one of the leading suppliers to CANDU and other nuclear power plants, and the medical isotope industry. The two companies work synergistically to provide engineering services and manufacturing capabilities under strong, industry-recognized quality programs that comply with market regulatory requirements. Leveraging state-of-the-art, remotely operated tooling, robotics, and automation solutions, and first-of-a-kind technologies, Promation is the brand name for excellence in the nuclear, automotive, pharma, aerospace, and other industries across Canada and the United States.

The Promation workforce of 120 includes scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers, project managers, manufacturing technologists, programmers, certified technicians, toolmakers, and field service staff. The teams offer customers like Ontario Power Generation, Bruce Power, BWXT Medical Ltd., SNC Lavalin, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Nuclear Waste Management Organization, Honda, Tesla, and Toyota, reliable, safe, and cost-effective automation, and robotics expertise.

Promation has a thriving Automation, Robotic Lab with Additive Manufacturing amongst other technologies under continuous development.

Project Objectives:

  • Greening and improving process economics primarily for Aerospace Industry with benefits across the spectrum

  • Improving the process through autonomous trajectory planning

  • Improving the quality of components by In-situ AI-based in-situ trajectory planning

  • Improving production rates and economics by reducing waste by application of  automation and  robotics  

What THEY bring to the table:

  • Operating on premises a complete Additive Manufacturing Lab with Robotic Laser Direct for powder metals and Robotic postprocessing (Lab)

  • Research and engineering expertise for the development of the Robotic Additive Manufacturing System (Lab)

  • Research and engineering expertise applied for data acquisition from vision systems cameras, laser scanners, and thermal sensors including artificial intelligence and control systems

  • Research Material expertise supported by basic material lab and capability to interface with material characterization lab

  • Robotic expertise including specialized offline programming, robotic simulation, inverse kinematics, multiple CAD/CAM software packages, and  post-processor development for CAM packages programming

What YOU will bring to the table:

Partner with expertise in the manufacturing or repair of components from aerospace or other industry seeking improvements in the cost of manufacturing or developing a new component.

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