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About Nanode Battery Technologies:

Nanode is supercharging the electricity revolution by augmenting batteries with our proprietary nanostructured tin anodes that can increase energy by up to 50% while maintaining or even decreasing costs. A major driver of this lies in our manufacturing: our product is produced in a single step via melt spinning, an industrial method for metal processing that is much simpler and greener than current anode manufacturing methods. We are a cell component supplier – we don’t produce batteries, but anodes which we sell anodes to battery OEMs. A spinout of the University of Alberta, we are Edmonton-based and plan on keeping as much manufacturing in Canada as possible. Currently, we have a pilot with a leading microbattery manufacturer with a $1.5M framework purchase agreement for delivery after completion.

Project Objectives:

  • Establish pilot manufacturing line

  • Troubleshoot initial processing issues

  • Produce material with high quality control standards

What THEY bring to the table:

  • We have melt spinning expertise on the lab scale. Over 7 years we have made massive strides in defining processing parameters (though we’re always focused on improving).

  • We will bring our IP, R&D knowledge, and domain expertise to establish the line.

What YOU will bring to the table:

  • We are seeking expertise in metal manufacturing and processing. Melt spinning and/or tin knowledge would be preferred, but an individual/organization with general experience establishing a successful manufacturing line and meeting customer demand would be invaluable to our efforts.

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