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About Deepsight:

DeepSight believes Augmented Reality will impact our lives just as much as smartphones have had in the last decades. Although AR is used mostly on tablets and smartphones right now, we will observe a societal change with the spread of smart glasses. No longer confined to a 2D screen, it will alter how we interact with content as the digital world gradually merges with the physical world.

Project Objectives:

The pilot project aims at generating gains in employee training: accelerate employee training and upskilling by 2-3 times, reduce human errors during training and upskilling by 80-90%, reduce documentation efforts associated with work instructions and procedural training by 60%.

The pilot project aims at deploying the DeepSight solution in an operational setting. Our current TRL (technology readiness level) is at 8, meaning that our solution is complete, but has never been tested in an operational setting. The goal of this project is to gather improvement opportunities to have the solution qualified for operational use.

What THEY bring to the table:

  • DeepSight provides an authoring tool to create 3D work instructions.
  • DeepSight provides a cross-platform application to view 3D work instructions on smart glasses and mobile devices.
  • DeepSight provides a 4-week training course during which we accompany the industrial partner in the creation and deployment of the first 3D instruction guides on the floor

What YOU will bring to the table:

  • Manufacturing companies dealing with complex manual procedures (assemblies, preventive maintenance, repair, inspection, installations, etc.)
  • Manufacturing companies that have invested in employee training tools with a good understanding of what is required to provide a complete training solution. DeepSight is looking for expertise in the field improve its platform.
  • Manufacturing companies that already gather key performance indicators to qualify training success (time to profficiency, errors during training, etc.)


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