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About Avro Aircraft Ltd.:

Avro Aircraft Ltd is a subsidiary of the Canadian company, Atlantis Research Labs Inc which is stationed in Calgary, Alberta Avro focuses on researching and designing advanced propulsion and launch capabilities within high speed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs Avro’s mission is to establish Canada as a leader in high performance aerial vehicle innovation in the 21st Century. Presently, AVRO is focusing on redesigning technology within the aerospace sector.

AVRO Aerospace’s goal is to reach orbit from our homeland and advance space exploration through enabling technologies Avro has developed a proprietary propulsion system that intends to launch payload vehicles into space at ~20 of the cost of SpaceX Just as in the past, today’s AVRO is focused on developing new technology and bringing new capabilities to the marketplace such as:

  • Advanced propulsion and vehicle designs
  • Subsonic and supersonic simulation
  • Subsonic and supersonic prototyping
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle fabrication
  • High altitude and suborbital research

Project Objectives:

  • Improve the chassis design of Avro’s drone using AI driven methods such as generative design and topology optimization.
  • Use novel AI based material development techniques to design, develop, and test new alternative alloys for the chassis.
  • Density, physical/mechanical performance, and manufacturability including castability, weldability, and machinability will be utilized as design constraints for developing the new alloying system.

What THEY bring to the table:

  • Manufacturing
  • Testing of vehicle designs

What YOU will bring to the table:

  • AI optimization partner

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