About the Event

    Held on Wednesday, July 28, we kicked off the day with virtual networking sessions and an update from the NGen executive team. 

    We heard from companies that have been funded by NGen and learned about the new technologies that are driving their success; now you can browse through the project pitches below. 

    Agenda Highlights

    1:00 PM Welcoming Remarks Jayson Myers 
    1:10 PM NGen Updates & Progress Report John Laughlin
    1:30 PM Project Pitch Presentations Gillian Sheldon
    2:15 PM Break  
    2:30PM Project Pitch Presentations Gillian Sheldon
    3:45 PM Closing Remarks John Laughlin

    Project Pitch Videos

    Now is your chance to connect with the companies and experts who pitched during our event - watch the pitch videos and reach out directly using the links below. 

    Pitch  Video Contact
    Scalable Manufacturing Processes for Perovskite Solar Ink and Solar Cells Solaires Entreprises Inc. Sahar@solaires.net
    Pilot project for gamification of training and assistance on the factory floor through artificial intelligence and augmented reality DeepSight lgeninbrien@deepsight.ca
    Metal Fabrication - Industry 4.0 JL Design Partners LTD. jonathan@jldesignpartners.com
    Emerging Applications of Metamaterials Metafold 3D elissa@metafold3d.com
    Data-Driven Product Development AI Materia m.emami@aimateria.com
    Pilot Scale Manufacturing Facility PlantForm Corporation don.stewart@plantformcorp.com
    Origyna - Algal-based meat Viridian Food Ltd. aswan@Origyna.com
    CO2-embedded Additives for Use in Polymers Carbon Upcycling Technologies Inc. madison@carbonupcycling.com
    Visual Quality Inspection Automation Quali AI m@quali.ai
    TGP Manufacturing with Novel Metal Joining Processes Calogy Solutions info@calogysolutions.com
    Plastic Injection Molding Repair and Refurbishing D.I. Self-Composite Alloys Inc. david@di-sca.com
    AI-powered Inspection Systems AutoMetrics mike.mohseni@autometrics.ca
    Improvement of Li-ion Battery Manufacturing Process GBatteries kostya@gbatteries.com