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Lead Company

Titan Clean Energy Projects Corporation



  • Panther Industries Inc.
    The BIG-nano Corporation

  • K+S Potash Canada
    Canada Masq Corporation

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Partnering with small- and medium- sized enterprises across Canada

Titan's strong history of collaboration with industry partners and academic supports the adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies across Canada; 3 of 5 projects partners are SMEs.


New Partners Found

NGen funding allowed Titan to scale up an existing technology

The biocarbon input into the bioresin is manufactured in Canada’s first autothermal production unit .

The energy for the process comes entirely from the biomaterial waste input and is a negative emission technology recognized by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.


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Creating Biodegradable Meltblown Fabric Raw Material for N95 Masks and HEPA Filters

Highlighting Canada as a global leader in advanced sustainable bioproducts, this project built a 100% Canadian supply of biodegradable melt-blown fabric feedstock for use in masks and filters. This process using a highly advanced biocomposite feedstock (called a masterbatch) developed and owned by Titan, uses 100% Canadian waste biomaterialsThe new feedstock replaces the highly polluting fossil-fuel derived resins (such as polypropylene) that are often imported from Asia, Europe and the US. The project has expanded Canada's capacity to manufacture, and supply biodegradable resinsproviding a Made-in-Canada supply of melt-blown fabric for N95 masks and HEPA filters.