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Lead Company

Mosaic Manufacturing Limited



  • rockmass-150

    RockMass Technologies

  • redetec-150


  • Glia-150

    Glia Incorporated

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NGen Encourages Collaboration for Rapid Response to COVID-19

Collaborative activity amongst all partners allowed for a singular product design to be distributed over multiple production locations, increasing the production of face shields


New Partners Found

Supporting Rapid Response to COVID-19 Demand for PPE

Additional capacity of 20 manned-locations was added to the lead partner to meet the project goals in terms of product quantity and timeline


project total


project funding


Mosaic Manufacturing coordinated a cluster manufacturing approach to provide 3D printer face shields (PPE) to reduce the anticipated product shortage resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. The cluster used 118 3D printers across 21 locations to produce 45,000 face shields.