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    NGen Funding Develops Transformative and Applied Manufacturing Solutions

    Aspire, dubbed by the United Nations FAO as "an idea whose time has come" is pioneering a modular protein production system intended to be deployed globally. By developing an integral partnership with DarwinAI to optimize this protein production system, Aspire is positioned to support communities around the world to attain protein and food sovereignty.


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    Model of Industry 4.0

    The impact the production facility will have on the Canadian advanced manufacturing ecosystem and on the economy is significant, developing the Canadian advanced manufacturing ecosystem and incorporating advanced technologies such as automation, AI, analytics, and robotics.

    The facility highlights the sustainability of non-meat protein processing and will establish an insect protein supply chain in Canada featuring world-class technology and leading to job creation.


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    Novel Application of Advanced Manufacturing Techniques to Develop High Quality Protein

    Aspire Food Group and its project partners have come together to build a state-of-the-art high-density cricket production and processing demonstration facility. Global population and demographic changes continually outpace agricultural innovation. Aspire and its partners offer crickets as a superfood that provides a nutritional content and protein that is similar to that of meat, while also being near drought-resistant, eco-friendly, and affordable. The project will develop the world’s first fully automated insect protein manufacturing site, providing the lowest cost protein on the planet, addressing the global issue of food insecurity, and positioning Canada as a leader in this space.