About working with us:

    NGen celebrates Canada’s diversity and is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive work environment for all employees. We value working with talented individuals from all backgrounds because we believe that diversity promotes innovation and collaboration. NGen’s employees are selected on the basis of merit, qualifications, and business needs. Our strength as a team is based on mutual respect for each and every employee. Everyone is welcome in building a stronger advanced manufacturing sector in Canada. 


    Deliver in partnership with other members of the NGen team, an organization that can demonstrate value to its stakeholders and partners and creates beneficial economic impact within Canada via:

    • Project Development & Screening
      • Support the project development process, including
        • review of project applications,
        • project financial workbooks, and
        • project financial forecasts needed for the Master Project Agreement.
        • Project Development & Screening

      • Review project applications to ensure
        • compliance to the Project and Financial guides, and
        • that activities and costs are eligible and directly relevant to project activities.
    • Project Monitoring & Risk Reporting
      • Support discussions in Project Monitoring reviews with projects to:
        • ensure that project and financial risks and issues are identified, and
        • monitor corrective or mitigation plans where necessary.
      • Work with the projects and partners in monitoring project forecasts and adherence to milestones and deliverables to ensure alignment of the project objectives.
      • Develop a Project Portfolio Risk Register with KPIs; establish reporting cadence to management and the Audit Committee.
      • Work with the Program Director on any corrective actions and Project Change Requests to ensure they are closed promptly.
      • Lead the review of project portfolio forecasts, projections, and metrics as required.
    • Claims Facilitation
      • Liaise between Finance and Project Monitoring to assist with clarification of questions related to claims.
      • Escalate claims-related concerns to companies, e.g., non-compliance with scheduled claim submission dates, non-responsiveness to NGen inquiries, the status of unspent/unaccounted for Advances, etc.
      • Develop a claims dispute resolution process to ensure project claims are paid promptly.

    What YOU will bring
    to the table:

    • 5-10 years experience in an industrial or manufacturing environment.
    • Technical project management skills with a proven track record of delivering complex technical projects in one or more primary Canadian manufacturing sectors or other industries that rely on advanced manufacturing capabilities to stay globally competitive
    • Financial education to accreditation level (desirable recognized professional institutional status)
    • Strong financial management skills.
    • Experience of new product development cycles, including an understanding of TRL / MRL concepts.
    • Experience of consultation with government agencies, public sector organizations, large corporations, and external stakeholder groups.
    • Strong presentation and communication skills.
    • Ability to handle change effectively.
    • Ability to find solutions with our customers while enhancing the customer experience.


    The incumbent to the Director, Project Finance role will be able to:

    • Demonstrate understanding of professional code of conduct, i.e., business conflict of interest and ethics guidelines.
    • Work in cross-functional teams and resolve conflict.
    • Build rapport with individuals from a variety of backgrounds.
    • Network effectively.
    • Influence others.
    • Assess financial situations related to project proposals and claims.
    • Demonstrate strong technical capabilities - technically ‘inquisitive’.
    • Establish a high level of credibility within the manufacturing and technology community.
    • Think strategically and articulate conclusions clearly.
    • Demonstrate an adaptable leadership style with the ability to maintain “approachable in confidence” relationships.
    • Utilize excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    • Ensure effective NGen team communication.
    • Analyze client needs, develop innovative solutions, and present information to senior stakeholder groups.
    • Work independently with limited guidance and quickly understand complex situations/issues/tasks.
    • Work to tight deadlines in a high-pressure environment.

    Please send your cover letter and CV to:

    Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (“NGen”) is a not-for-profit organization that matches manufacturing companies with new technologies to drive advanced manufacturing in Canada. We are the engine of the Canadian government’s ambitious investment in the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, matching federal funds and private investments to industry-led projects. 

    We promote technology adoption, skills improvements and greater collaboration between technology and manufacturing to help Canadian companies of all sizes navigate the global shift to advanced manufacturing. We use data to link companies, researchers, and investors so they can work together to invent new products or processes. 

    NGen is a proud member of a national network of five Canadian, industry-led innovation superclusters. By 2023, the federal government has committed to investing up to $950 million in its five superclusters to drive major economic, social, and industrial benefits for the country.