About working with us:

    Next Generation Manufacturing Canada (“NGen”) is the industry-led not-for-profit organization that leads the Canadian government’s ambitious investment in the Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster, matching federal funds and private investments to industry-led projects.

    We are dedicated to building next-generation manufacturing capabilities nationally. Its mission is to position Canadian companies as global leaders in the application of leading technologies to manufacturing products and processes, create the most competitive advanced manufacturing supply chains in the world, and develop the world’s most talented advanced manufacturing workforce, thereby enhancing Canada’s overall economic prosperity.

    We promote technology adoption, skills improvements and greater collaboration between technology and manufacturing to help Canadian companies of all sizes navigate the global shift to advanced manufacturing. We use data to link companies, researchers, and investors so they can work together to invent new products or processes. NGen is a proud member of a national network of five Canadian, industry-led innovation superclusters.

    By 2023, the federal government has committed to investing up to $950 million in its five superclusters to drive major economic, social, and industrial benefits for the country. The Government allocated an additional $750 million to the Supercluster program in its 2022 budget.

    NGen celebrates Canada’s diversity and is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive work environment for all employees. We value working with talented individuals from all backgrounds because we believe that diversity promotes innovation and collaboration. NGen’s employees are selected on the basis of merit, qualifications, and business needs. Our strength as a team is based on mutual respect for each and every employee. Everyone is welcome in building a stronger advanced manufacturing sector in Canada.


    • Deliver in partnership with other members of the NGen team, an organization that can demonstrate value to its Stakeholders and Partners and creates beneficial Economic impact within Canada.
    • Assist members in identifying different types of IP and support them in putting together robust strategies to develop and protect their IP.
    • Support companies through 1-1 meetings with engineering teams and executive staff to help develop commercialization plans around IP, helping them gain the maximum value from their IP assets.
    • Develop a workshop series to increase awareness of the different types of IP and their value.
    • Work with industry in developing strong project proposals, providing independent expertise and advice. Assist projects in the development of an IP strategy for the use and sharing of Foreground IP as set out in the NGen’s contribution agreement.
    • Oversee the administration of all requirements and processes set out in NGen’s Intellectual Property Strategy including clear, transparent, and predictable Intellectual Property ownership policies and licensing structures for Foreground Intellectual Property including processes for Members to request and negotiate licenses to use Foreground Intellectual Property.
    • Sign off all IP strategies prior to the submission to the Federal Government for approval. The strategy should appropriately balance the applicants’ reasonable interests in any Foreground Intellectual Property and the reasonable interests of Members that may have an interest in accessing that Foreground Intellectual Property.
    • Input into and support the running of NGen’s Technology Assessment Panels.
    • Lead the development of the NGen Intellectual property Strategy and assist the Board of Directors and management in executing the Intellectual Property Strategy.
    • Manage NGen’s relationship with legal counsel.
    • Monitor and complete contract close-out, extension, or renewal, as appropriate.
    • Support the resolution of disputes between project members in respect of ownership of and access to Background and Foreground Intellectual Property.
    • Working with the Program Director to sign off on start-up requirements set out in the contract, including a review of the project Collaboration Agreement.

    What YOU will bring
    to the table:

    • At least ten years experience working with the industry to develop Intellectual Property strategies.
      • With significant experience working with engineering teams to identify and protect IP, including developing patent applications.
      • With significant experience interfacing with company executives, briefing on the potential value of the IP, and developing commercialization plans, to maximize the value.
    • Recognized expertise in the field of IP management.
    • A clear understanding of the Innovation Ecosystem and have a national viewpoint on the use of IP to support economic growth within Canada.
    • Strong technical capabilities - technically ‘inquisitive’ and with the ability to build a high level of credibility within the engineering community.
    • Able to work in cross-business teams and resolve conflict; able to build a rapport with individuals from a variety of backgrounds.
    • Clear and effective networking skills with a demonstrated ability to influence the thinking and actions of others.
    • Ability to think strategically and articulate conclusions clearly.
    • Proven analytical and problem-solving skills, including the ability to quickly understand new and complex issues and propose solutions.
    • Proven leadership, team working, and project management skills.
    • Adaptable leadership style with the ability to maintain “approachable in confidence” relationships.
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, including the ability to recognize client needs, develop innovative solutions, and present information to senior stakeholder groups.
    • Able to work independently with limited guidance and quickly understand complex issues and tasks, yet be able to ensure effective NGen team communication.
    • Able to work to tight deadlines in a high-pressure environment.

    Please send your cover letter and CV to: recruiting@ngen.ca