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April 27, 2021

By Jeffrey Low (McMaster University, Student Success Centre)

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, students and new grads have demonstrated their resilience and adaptability. Experiences include learning in virtual classrooms and asynchronous lectures; online job searching, virtual employment and essential in-person work; and tapping in to online support systems established by peers, friends and family.

These experiences can lead to transferrable, career-ready skills that could help address the industry challenges of today and tomorrow through innovation.

At McMaster’s Student Success Centre, we know that hiring is about more than maintaining daily operations — it’s about expanding possibilities and contributing to the future of the industry through new ideas, fresh perspectives and meaningful growth.

“Investing time in a student today, allowing them to explore their intersections, embracing their curiosity in connecting to your industry, will open the door to new talent becoming a part of your team and your success,” shares Katherine Hesson-Bolton, diversity employment coordinator at the Student Success Centre.

Through our programs, employers have access to thousands of engaged, talented students and alumni with diverse backgrounds and skills across all McMaster Faculties: DeGroote School of Business, Engineering, Humanities, Health Sciences, Science, Social Sciences and the Arts & Science Program.

McMaster is committed to creating a brighter world through impact, ambition and transformation. In recent years, the Student Success Centre has expanded its services for employers, with an increased focus on inclusive employment, accommodations support and equity principles.
Here’s how you can connect with us as an employer or organization to access a diverse range of student and alumni talent.

Job postings
Advertise your jobs, co-op positions and internships for free on OSCARplus, McMaster’s job posting platform. Current students and alumni (within 10 years of graduation) have access to this platform. Attract applicants in specific Faculties or spread the word widely across all disciplines.

Email careers@mcmaster.ca to advertise your posting. Include the company name and position, and state whether the job has a diversity focus in the subject line (ex. “Company Name, Position — Diversity Posting”). For diversity postings, please copy Katherine Hesson-Bolton, diversity employment coordinator (hessonbk@mcmaster.ca).

Wage subsidies
Do you need to hire students in Business, Engineering, Humanities, Health Sciences, Science, Social Sciences or Arts & Science this summer? The Career Ready Fund provides financial resources for employers to hire McMaster students and alumni in any Faculty or discipline. Through this program, you could receive between $3,000 and $5,000 to offset wages for positions (including co-op positions) taking place May–August 2021.

Additionally, our team can support the hiring process with the following services:
• Assessments to identify where students could support the organization
• Job posting management and promotion
• Candidate selection based on suitability and eligibility for Career Ready Fund resources

Apply for support through the Career Ready Fund.

Diversity and inclusion support
We provide Career Access Professional Services (CAPS) for students and alumni who identify as a member of an equity-seeking group or have barriers to employment. Our employer and industry connections are integral to these services. Through the CAPS program, you have access to the following support as an employer or organization:
• An individualized safe space to discuss your diversity and inclusion recruitment questions
• Recruitment services and resources to support your company plans
• Networking opportunities and job fairs to connect you with talented candidates
• On-the-job or behind-the-scenes training, onboarding and retention services that are customized to meet employee and employer goals
• Funding through the Diversity and Inclusion Award to support accessibility services and equipment, job coaching and wage subsidies

Additionally, as of 2019, the International Student Work Program (ISWO) provides international students with opportunities to gain work experience in Canada. Through this program, we offer employer consultations to help you engage talented international students.

Email careeraccess@mcmaster.ca to find out how we can support your diversity initiatives and hiring.
Project support

The Summer Experience Program and Career Treks Program provide organizations with student assistance for short-term project needs at no cost. Student volunteers can contribute fresh perspectives and ideas to support projects related to communications, marketing, writing, product development, social media strategies, data analysis and more. Projects should not require a commitment of more than five hours a week over four months (no more than 85 hours in total per project). Submit your project for student support.
Staying connected

If you’re on LinkedIn, follow Hire McMaster. It’s our centralized service for connecting employers like you to our talented students. Stay up to date on student and post-secondary trends, hiring and recruitment support and more.