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April 14, 2021

Automation and Robotic technologies are some of the critical building blocks for advanced manufacturing. To better understand how NGen can work with its membership to improve adoption of these technologies in Canada a survey of 25 member experts was conducted.

The survey was to better understand the issues around A&R adoption in Canada, and strengths and weaknesses in the ecosystem. It was then followed by one-on-one interviews to explore individual experiences, opinions, and suggestions for action. The survey group is only a sample of Canada’s significant A&R ecosystem, but common themes still frequently emerged. This report summarises the survey results and discusses the interview findings.

Below is NGen’s Automation & Robotics Advisory Board (A&RAB) companies who are deeply involved in Canada’s A&R ecosystem and who graciously shared their expertise for this report.


Advanced Intelligent Systems


AIS Technologies Group

ATS Robotics

ATSI Robotics

Attabotics Inc

Automate Canada




Eclipse Automation


Hattin Foundation

Humber College

Integra-Co / Eficio



Omni Robotics


Sensor Tech Canada


Taiga Robotics

Whitfield Welding

The initial survey questions were designed to give an overview of solutions offered by the respondents to different markets, and the specific application areas for Automation and Robotics.

Unsurprisingly the automotive sector was one of the largest cited, after “other sectors” where aquaculture, medical, mining, defense and lumber were mentioned.

The application areas were consistent with global use cases, with handling and assembly being dominant. Other use cases were vision guided quality control, teleoperation, and additive manufacturing.

Read the full report.